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Spoof Virus Mail

You may receive certain mail from a external site informing you that you have sent a virus to their organization. An example of the mail can be seen below.

Sender, InterScan has detected virus(es) in your e-mail attachment. Please re-scan your e-mail before attempting to send.

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 08:05:19 +0800
Method: Mail
From: < >
File: information_secrets.rtf.scr
Action: deleted

This is the result of viruses that spoof your email address as the sender. The mail falsely identify you as the sending party. Let's take a closer look at what happened.

In the illustration above, the PC in red is infected with virus. The PC is owned by a correspondence of yours whom you have communicated. As such, the PC contains your email address. The virus spreads further by sending virus out to other organization, by putting your email address as the sender. In this example, the mail is sent to's mail server recognize the mail as a virus and sends out a notification. As the mail is spoof with your email address,'s mail server sends the notification mail to you ().

Please just discard this kind of notification mail.