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How To Set Up Meeting Request

Setting up Meeting in Outlook

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Outlook Calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of Outlook, and is fully integrated with e-mail, contacts, and other features. You can view a day, week, or month at once. You can create appointments with the Outlook Calendar.

Outlook Calendar provides the facility to organise meetings. Simply select a time on your Calendar, create an appointment, and select people to invite. Outlook will help you find the earliest time at which all the people are free. When the meeting notice is sent to invitees by e-mail, each will receive a meeting request in Inbox. When they open it, Outlook notifies them if the meeting conflicts with an existing item in their Calendar, and they can accept, tentatively accept, or decline your meeting by clicking a single button. Invitees can also counter-propose an alternate meeting time. As organizer, you can track who has accepted, declined, or counter-proposed times, simply by opening the meeting.

Creating a Meeting Request

  1. Login to Outlook Email and select Calendar.
  2. Select the time for the meeting. Right-click and select New Meeting Request.
  3. Enter the attendees in the To. field.
  4. Enter other meeting information such as Subject, Location, Start time, End time, etc. as you would when you schedule meeting manually.
  5. Click on Scheduling. This gives an overall view of the available and occupied timeslots of the various attendees. There are no other details about the attendees' meetings, as it is not necessary for scheduling. You can then adjust the timing accordingly to select a common available schedule or use the AutoPick to to select a suitable time for all the attendees.
  6. Click Send after you have done and to invite attendees for the meeting.

Receiving a Meeting Request

As an invitee, you would receive the invitation email in your Outlook Inbox. You can click on any of the button on top to either Accept, Decline or set to Tentative. You would also have the option to propose a new timing by clicking on Propose New Time. The appointment will automatically be updated in your Calendar.

Delegating others to manage your Calendar/Meeting Request

Outlook enables you to delegate the management of your calendar and meeting request to your secretaries or assistants. For meeting request sent to you, your delegate can accept, reject or respond to it on your behalf, and subsequently update your calendar. Please follow the steps below to enable the function:

  1. Login to Outlook, click Tools and select Options.
  2. Choose Delegates and Add. You will then have to select the person you want to grant the privilege of updating your calendar and receiving meeting requests. Click OK when finish.
  3. Choose Editor on Calendar option. This grants the selected person the Editor right for him/her to manage your calendar.
  4. Check the option Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me. This option enables the selected person to receive and accept the meeting requests sent to you and update your calendar. Click OK when finish.