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What are the NUSmail Limits

The default limits, with effect from November 2006, on the Exchange mailbox are set as follows:

Staff Student
Mailbox limits 10GB 1GB


Deleted Items

All emails that have been deleted or moved to the Deleted Items folder will be purged after 14 days automatically. Note that emails in the Deleted Items folder still count towards the total mailbox size until they are purged.

Mail Retention

Although the emails may have been purged from the Deleted Items folder, they may still be recoverable within the subsequent 7 days. To do so, highlight Deleted Items folder and click on Recover Deleted Items when you are in Outlook. Emails that are removed from Recover Deleted Items are permanently lost and non-recoverable.

Incoming message size limit

The incoming message size limit is 15MB. NUS staff and students will not be able to receive an email (including attachments) greater than 15MB from the Internet.