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Finding People/Phone No./Title

The Exchange directory (Address Book) contains the names and userID of all users on NUSNET. It provides a good source for searching for people in NUS.

Click on the Address Book icon or Select Address Book from Tools menu to open up the Address Book. The Address Book shows the Global Address List which contains all staff and students' name in alphabetical list. You can type the name in the Type Name or Select from List field to search for a name. If you want to see the names in a particular department, you can select the department from the Show Names from the field.

To search for a name by the userID, click on the Find Items button which is the second button from the left of the toolbar. A Find dialog box will be shown. Enter the userID in the Alias name field and click on OK to find the particular user.

You can double-click on any of the entries to show the details of the particular name. The Phone no. and the Title have been updated. This allows you to search for the phone no. quickly without the hassle of flipping through the hardcopy of a telephone directory. The Title field would also shows the designation of the person.