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How To Change The Display Name

Request for Change

Staff can make the change by filling up the request form. The request for Personalised Email Alias allows you to opt for your preferred DisplayName.


Outlook does not reflect the change of DisplayName. As shown below, you need to manually perform the change such that your DisplayName will be shown accordingly beside Mailbox.

To change, firstly exit and logoff from Outlook. Goto Control Panel and invoke the Mail or Mail and Fax icon as shown below.

Click on Show Profiles. Select your name and click on Properties. You should see the screen below. Highlight on Microsoft Exchange Server and click on the Properties button.

The details of Microsoft Exchange Server will be shown. The Mailbox should show your old DisplayName.

At Mailbox, type in your userID as illustrated below and click on the Check Name button.

Your new DisplayName should now be reflected. Launch Outlook as per normal and you should see your new DisplayName reflected beside Outlook Today.