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Defer Email Delivery

This setup will defer all or some of your outgoing emails and place them on hold within the Outbox. The outgoing emails will only be delivered after X number of minutes. The number of minutes is configurable based on your preference.

Within X number of minutes, you may delete the email or make further amendments before re-sending it. As below are the steps to configure it.

  • In Outlook, go to Tools -> Rules and Alerts -> New Rule... Select Check messages after sending. Click Next.

  • Click Next again to choose to apply the rule on all conditions.

  • Check defer delivery by a number of minutes, edit the number of minutes at the lower box. (For this case, the number is 5). Click Next.

  • Click Next again to avoid setting any exception.
  • Enter a name for the rule. Ensure that Turn on this rule is checked. Click Finish.

  • Test your newly created rule by composing and sending an email to yourself. You will notice that the email does not get delivered immediately and is deposited in Outbox. The email will also appear in italic font.

  • Wait for 5 minutes and the mail will be delivered to yourself.
  • You may open up the email anytime before it is actually processed to make amendment or just to view it. After amendment or viewing, please remember to click Send again so that Outlook will process it.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not click on Send after viewing or editing it, the email will stay in Outbox forever like the one shown below, appearing in non-italic font.