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Updating Your Address Book Properties

The Address Book is a collection of address books or address lists. You can use the Address Book to look up and select names, e-mail addresses, and distribution lists when you address messages.

The Properties of an address in Address Book contains the details of individuals, as illustrated below.

For Staff, the 4 fields are updated from various systems.

  • Title - Campus Directory
  • First Name - Campus Directory
  • Last Name - Campus Directory
  • Personal Title - HR Database
  • Office - myNUS
  • Phone - Department IPTel Administrator. If absent, the data in myNUS, Telephone (Direct), will be used.


You may update your contacts via myNUS which will be reflected in the Outlook Address List.

  1. Ensure successful login using your personal NUSNET UserID and password
  2. Access staff Intranet at
  3. Select More, My Contact, Update Office Contact at the eServices frame on the left. You will be prompted for the NUSNET UserID and Password.
  4. Update your Telephone (Direct) if your IPTel number is blank, and click Save Data.
  5. Update your Office location and click Save Data.

Campus Directory

This is maintained by the respective departmental Campus Directory Administrator. The default value of Title is taken from HR Database


This is maintained by the respective departmental IPTel Administrators. The value of Phone will be taken from IPTel if it is present.