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If one person's meat is another's poison, how do you know what's spam, and what's not?
At Computer Centre, we believe in making sure every person in NUS is free from the burden of having to deal with piles of useless, unsolicited mail.

But we also believe in the freedom of choice, and that some mails valued by you may unintentionally be classified as spam.

That's why we've introduced NoSpamMail.
This smart system works like artificial intelligence - it learns what spam is as it goes along, and does the thinking for you.

This means it doesn't simply block all spam from your NUSmail. Instead, it filters spam into a folder. YOU decide if they stay, or go.

NoSpamMail doesn't need any setting up. It's hard at work even as we speak, doing the thinking for NUSmail.
To find out more, just click here.

Have fun!