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NUS MobileMail

Staff and students may access NUSmail while on the move. It is possible to access NUSmail via the following smartphone or tablet:

  1. Windows Mobile (6.1)
  2. Nokia (Mail for Exchange)
  3. Apple iPhone (2.1)
  4. Android
  5. iPad

As Computer Centre does not have support agreements with Nokia and Apple, the technical support for the devices will be on a best-effort basis only.

Windows Mobile 6.1

Note that the configuration steps may be slightly different for Windows Mobile 6.0 devices. For advanced users, you may download the CAB for staff and the CAB for student to install it. Please note that the CAB files are only applicable for Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.0. It does not work in Windows Mobile 6.5.

View detailed version (with graphics)


  1. Ensure that WiFi/3G/HSDPA is available. To retrieve instructions on configuring WiFi within campus on your Windows Mobile 6.1 Device, please refer to the sections:


  2. Tab on Start, Programs, ActiveSync.


  3. Tab on Setup your device to sync with it.


  4. Uncheck Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automtically. Tab Next.


  5. Enter under Server Address: and check the This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection. Tab Next.


  6. Enter your NUSNET UserID, password and domain. Optionally, select save password. Tab Next.


  7. Select the data that you want to be synchornised. Tab Finish.


  8. Sychronisation will begin.


  9. Return to main menu and tab on Start, Messaging, Outlook E-mail.


  10. Start reading your emails!


  11. Notice that you need not initiate synchronisation of your emails because your emails should be "pushed" to your Windows Mobile device automatically.
  12. Other than WiFi, it is also possible to connect to the 3G or HSDPA (3.5G) network to access your email. To do so, ensure that the relevant icons are present before carrying out the configuration step 1 through 10.


Addressing your email

It is possible to search for email addresses when composing a new email or when replying an email. Browsing of Global Address List is currently not supported.
  1. Tab on Start, Messaging, Outlook E-mail, Menu, New


  2. Tab on Menu, Add Recipients.


  3. Tab on Company Directory and enter the keyword to search for, then tab on Search


  4. The results will be returned accordingly, highlight the correct one and tab on "Select".


  5. You will then return to the main message window. Continue composing your email accordingly.

Remove email accounts

It is possible to remove any old configuration and add new email accounts to Windows Mobile 6.1.
  1. Tab on Start, Programs, ActiveSync


  2. Tab on Menu, Options.


  3. Tab on Delete and tab Yes when prompted.


  4. You will then return to the default ActiveSync Window.