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What is it?

The NUS Global Campus is an initiative to enable NUS to fully exploit IT for teaching, learning, research, and administration. It embodies the Secure Plug and Play environment, the Notebook Ownership Scheme, and a rich repertoire of IT-based teaching and learning resources.

The Notebook Ownership Scheme is a scheme to allow full-time NUS students to use well-equipped notebook computers that will enable our students to learn, interact and access real world resources at any time and any place.

Why is this scheme necessary?

  • The driving force behind the need of universal access to information may be found in:
    • Increasing amount of dynamic nature of knowledge that students must learn
    • Changes in educational paradigms
    • A desire for improved communications
    • The rapid pace of technological change
    • The changing nature of the student population

  • Benefits:
    • Enhanced student/faculty communications
    • Access to the world of knowledge
    • Self-directed learning
    • Availability of resources
    • As an educational enhancement
    • More online student services
    • Enhanced career marketability through improved IT proficiency


Which students are involved in this scheme?

This scheme involves all full-time matriculated students of NUS. Students in the following Faculties: Business Administration, Engineering and School of Computing are strongly encouraged to participate in this scheme. Today students (undergraduates and postgraduates) from all faculties are involved.

Is it compulsory?

No. However, 1st year undergraduates are strongly encouraged to participate in this scheme.

What about Non-Graduating students (e.g. Exchange students)?

Non-graduating students (e.g., Exchange students here for six months to a year) can participate in the student notebook ownership scheme by purchasing a notebook at the special prices offered by the current vendors of the NUS notebook tender.

What about part-time and postgraduate students?

Part-time students can purchase notebooks from the current vendors of the NUS Notebook tender, at the special prices offered under the Student Notebook Ownership Scheme. However, they are not eligible for the NUS interest-free loan. Part-time students will have to buy everything themselves from the NUS notebook vendors or other suppliers.

Full-time Postgraduate students are eligible for the NUS interest-free loan.

How does this scheme work?

This scheme requires you to own a notebook computer to enable you to plug-in and access the NUS plug and play network resources.

On matriculation
  1. Click here to find out the cost and specifications of the notebook.
  2. Decide on the model you intend to purchase.
  3. Decide if you want to pay out-right or apply for an interest-free loan from NUS.
  4. Approach the vendor service centre on campus for the notebook once Item 3 (above) has been decided.
  5. If you already have a notebook, then download the following documents and follow the steps listed in them:
  6. If you have tried and could not get it to work, then approach the Faculty Student Cluster Lab helpers to get help. Lastly, go to Computer Centre ITCare if all else fails.


Are there any advantages being on this scheme?

With a notebook, you will not have to queue for PCs in the clusters and you can surf and access Internet resources at any time and any place using the secure Plug and Play points located all around campus. Since the notebook belongs to you, you can use it as an education, communication and entertainment tool.

Eventually, more and more lectures will be made online via the Web and Video on Demand service and it would become essential that you have immediate access to a computer to access your courses, tutorials and assignments electronically.

What happens if I already have a notebook or intend to purchase my own?

You can still participate in this project. However, please get your notebook certified either at the Computer Centre User Support Helpdesk or Faculty Student Clusters.

What about the desktop PCs in the student clusters?

The student (CBLC) PC clusters will still remain. However, if you have your own notebook, you will not have to queue for PCs and will have the flexibility to install your own software, surf the Internet, etc.

NUS currently has over 7,000 secure plug and play network points around the campus for notebook access.

I have a desktop PC at home. Do I have to participate?

We strongly recommend that you seriously consider getting a notebook for use on campus to access the computing resources.