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Cost & Payment

What is the cost of the notebooks in the NUS Notebook tender?

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How is the University helping me pay for this notebook (payment schemes)?

A number of payment schemes are in place to help students pay for this notebook. If you can afford the notebook, you are encouraged to pay out-right for the notebook.

  1. All 1st year undergraduate students can apply for an interest-free loan of up to S$2,000.
  2. All other undergraduates can apply for an interest-free loan of S$1,000.
  3. Full-time postgraduates can apply for a S$1,000 interest-free loan. But the repayment starts immediately once the loan is approved.

When is the repayment period and are there any conditions for this interest-free loan?
  • Repayment starts six months after graduation, up to a maximum repayment period of 24 months, or within a month after withdrawal from NUS.
  • NUS interest-free loan is only available for students who purchase from the NUS notebook tender.
  • You are encouraged to start repayment of the loan once your application is successful.
  • NUS interest-free loan is only given to NUS students once during his years of study at NUS.
  • You are kindly advised to complete the payment of your Interest-Free Loan within the period allowed for. Failing which, it may affect your future credit worthiness with the respective bank.

Does the NUS interest-free loan scheme cover obsolescence of the notebooks?


What other financing or leasing schemes (besides NUS interest-free loan) are available to me?

You can also opt for the hire purchase scheme. However, this means that you will have to pay interest for the loan taken.

Can I opt for a NUS interest-free loan and vendor's leasing options at the same time?


For example, if you are purchasing a notebook at S$3,000 and you are eligible for a S$1,000 interest-free loan from NUS, then you can apply for a NUS interest-free loan of S$1,000 and opt for the vendor's leasing schemes for the rest of the amount i.e. S$2,000 with GST.

What happens if I cannot afford to pay for the notebook?

NUS will provide interest-free loans up to S$2,000 (as of year 2002) for 1st year students. We are also deferring the payment of the notebook until six months after you graduate.

For non-1st year undergraduates, you can opt for an NUS interest-free loan of S$1,000 and vendor's leasing option for the balance. (see point above)

Will my tuition fees be increased because of the NUS Global Campus Project?


Does the notebook belong to me if I opt into this scheme and purchase from the NUS Notebook tender?

Yes, after you have completed all relevant repayments.

Do I have to take up insurance?

You are strongly encouraged to take up insurance for the notebook against fire, theft and accidental damage. You can find information on insurance companies that will insure your notebook on Placing an Order.

Why the need for notebook insurance?

Should you lose or damage your notebook:

  • Replacing your lost notebook is a burden to you and your parents.
  • Ultimately you are paying a notebook for the price of two.
  • NUS will not extend a 2nd loan to you for the purchase of another notebook.
  • Isn't it inconvenient for you to complete your assignment?

How can the notebook insurance benefit me?

The insurance company will indemnify all losses or damages to the Notebook in accordance to the terms, limits and conditions of the policy.

What is the annual cost of the notebook insurance?

About 2% of the cost of your notebook

Brand X S$3,000
Insurance cost of 2% is S$60.00
GST is 3% S$1.80
Total S$61.80

Which will you choose? Paying just 2% or your full 100%. For enquiry, please go to the Notebook Centre.

I am new in Singapore and do not have a local Guarantor

The normal requirement for Guarantors for NUS interest-free loans are:

Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident or Malaysian Citizen/Permanent Resident above 21 years but not exceeding 60 years. You have to fill an additional form containing the guarantor's details, etc. You are also required to attach a copy of the guarantor's IC to the form.

Exception for foreign students:

Foreign students who have difficulty finding a guarantor that is a Singapore Citizen/PR or Malaysian Citizen/PR can get a foreign guarantor who must be an NUS student above 21 years. The Matriculation No. of the guarantor has to be indicated on the Loan Agreement.

Caution: Guarantors should be fully aware of the financial liabilities involved in the event that the person who took the loan is unable to pay up.

I am interested in the NUS Notebook tender, how do I participate (order)?
  • Complete the notebook order form. You can get this from the Notebook Centre.
  • For NUS interest-free loan, complete the NUS Student Notebook Computer Loan Agreement and Loan Form.
  • For Vendor's Finance Lease, complete the respective vendor's Finance Lease Form AND Direct Debit Authorization Form.
  • Submit the NUS interest-free loan form and/or the Vendor's Finance Lease form, together with the original as well as a photocopy of your Identity Card AND matriculation card (front and back), to the Vendor Service Centre.
  • Upon receiving the order form and supporting documents, duly completed and signed, the vendor will check your eligibility for the various loan limits. The vendor will then email the confirmation and collection date to you. The notebook will only be distributed AFTER the vendor has obtained the above information and after all the relevant documents have been signed.
  • The notebook order form, NUS Student Notebook Computer Loan Agreement and Loan Form and vendors' leasing forms are available from NUS Co-op and on-campus Service Centres.