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Loan Rules & Regulation

  1. Purpose of Loan
    To assist undergraduates and full-time postgraduates in the University to purchase personal notebook computers so that they can fully exploit IT for learning. The loan will be interest-free.

  2. Eligibility
    Undergraduates and full-time postgraduates who are studying in the University shall be eligible to apply for a loan. The student will not be eligible for the loan if he/she has already bought a notebook from NUS Tender before.

  3. Amount
    The amount of loan shall not exceed S$2,000 for 1st year undergraduate students; and S$1,000 for all other undergraduate and full-time postgraduate students. The loan covers only the notebook purchase, excluding optional upgrade.

  4. Type of Personal Notebook Computer
    The loan must be utilised to purchase any model of notebook computer from the current vendors of the NUS notebook tender that is in force at the University.

  5. Repayment of Loan
    Repayment of the loan granted shall be made by monthly instalments in accordance with the conditions stipulated below:
    • In the case of an undergraduate student who subsequently graduates from the University, the monthly instalments is to be paid not later than the 1st day of the seventh month following his graduation and the loan shall be fully repaid within 30 months from graduation.
    • In the case of a full-time postgraduate student, the monthly instalments shall commence immediately and the loan shall be fully repaid within one year.
    • In the case of a borrower who subsequently withdraws from his course of study, or terminates his studies for any cause without graduating, the loan shall be immediately due and payable, subject to NUS' right to allow repayment by monthly instalments as it deems fit.

  6. Guarantors
    • The borrower shall enter into an agreement for the repayment of the loan.
    • If the loan applicant is a Singaporean, the guarantor shall be a Singapore citizen.
    • If the loan applicant is a foreign student, the guarantor shall be a Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, or a NUS Full-time Foreign Student.
    • The guarantor must be above 21 years old but below 60 years old.
    • Guarantor should be fully aware of the financial liability involved.
    • A person can only stand as a guarantor for one loan only (regardless any loan). For Example, the guarantor A has guarantee for the NUS Study Loan for student B than this guarantor A can’t guarantee the NUS Computer Loan for student B.   
    • Guarantor must not be a declared bankrupt.
    • Every graduate student must provide Bank Account Number.
    • The NUS Computer Loan is not applicable to non-graduating students, diploma (DT), part-time students (undergraduate/graduate) and staff.
    • Loan processing fee S$2 payable upon loan submission of NUS Loan Application.

  7. Agreement
    The borrower shall enter into an agreement with the University subject to the following conditions:
    • The notebook computer shall be solely used by the borrower;
    • The borrower should not lend or hire the notebook computer to any person;
    • It should not be disposed of during the currency of the loan unless written permission is obtained from the University. Where such permission is given, the loan must be fully repaid in full immediately regardless of whether the notebook computer has been disposed of.

  8. Frequency
    An undergraduate or full-time postgraduate student shall be eligible for only one loan during his course of study at the University.
    If postgraduate has taken a notebook loan during undergraduate years, he/she will not be eligible for another loan.

Second Purchase Scheme Administration fee
  • You have to pay an administration fee of S$50.00 (in cash only) for every order placed.
  • This fee is not refundable.
  • When full payment is made, the administration fee will be deducted from the payment.

Change of Model
  • You are allowed to change to another model/brand provided the model/brand you change to is available.
  • It is treated as a cancellation, and a fresh order has to be made (together with payment of the administration fee).

Cancellation of Order
  • Failure to collect your order within two business day upon notification by NUS Co-op Notebook.
  • Failure to submit the loan application form after 14 days of your order.

Collection of Notebook
  • Student will be notified within 14 days upon confirmation of an order by NUS Co-op Notebook Centre through his/her email or phone for date of collection of notebook.
  • Upon receiving the notification, student will be given a time slot appointment from 9am to 4.30pm to collect the notebook. There will be 12 time slots to choose from and subject to availability. Example: Time slot #1 is 9am to 9.30am, Time slot #2 is 9.30am to 10am, and so on.
  • If you miss your appointment your queue will be allocated to the next available time slot queue. If this is not available, you have to choose a time slot appointment in another day.
  • Please avoid lunch hour from 1pm to 2pm.

Viewing of Notebook
  • Viewing of notebook models is at Architecture NUS Coop @ LT27 after the matriculation.