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Best Notebook Deal in Town

Due to changes in Microsoft Program offering to NUS, the NUS' agreement with Microsoft Singapore on the use of Microsoft Office Suite on personally-owned computers had terminated since 1 April 2012.

You may wish to access for new purchases.

The University has secured a very attractive notebook tender that comes with the latest CPU configurations, Windows 8 Professional, anti-virus software (for students), and self-help utilities. Each notebook is pre-configured to access the University's plug-and-play and wireless network (NUSNET). All matriculated students, staff and departments are eligible to purchase the notebook from the tender.


Latest News

  • Departmental Purchase

    Please click here for departmental purchases. This link is accessible by NUS departments only.

  • NUS Student Notebook Ownership Scheme 2013/14 Sales Period

    For Display, Viewing and Ordering:
    24-26 July 2013 @ MPSH1
    9am - 5.30pm. First year students only

    Sales & Ordering:
    1 Aug 2013 onwards at NUS Coop @ LT27 -- for both staff and student
    9am - 4.30pm
    * Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

  • Desposit for Pre-order

    Please note that Deposit for pre-order is S$50.
    If you change your order - be it to another model (same brand) or same model (different color) or to another brand after one business day, your deposit will be forfeited.
    Carefully consider your choice before placing your order.

  • Notebook Refresh Model

    Apple notebook delivery stocks delayed. No advice from APPLE Singapore/Sapura on all the APPLE notebook and iPad refresh model and prices (8-Nov-2013).

    HP notebook model PB440GO delivery stocks delayed due to refresh model from 3rd Gen to 4th Gen

    Fujitsu notebook model LifeBook AH532 delivery is stopped. Refresh model from 3rd to 4th Gen CPU is still pending and stock is delayed (8-Nov-2013)