Month/Year Visitors Purpose of Visit
November 2011 Waseda University - Digital Campus Consortium (DCC) The delegation visited Computer Centre as part of their itinerary of their NUS Tour.
November 2011 University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) The delegation led by UMP’s ICT Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr Wan Maseri bt Wan Mohd, visited Computer Centre to learn on IT Management Strategies adapted for NUS.
July 2011 University of York An Academic Support Office (ASO) staff from the University of York met up with members of the RO-ITU team to study NUS’s timetabling process and to have a deeper appreciation of NUS’s undergraduate registration process and the CORS system.
July 2011 Dankook University, Korea A team of senior managers / managers made a reference site visit to Computer Centre to study the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions implementation.
May 2011 BUU - Burapa university

RMUTT - Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

RMUTK - Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep

KMITL - King Mongkut Institute of Technology

Ladkrabang - Express Transportation Authority of Thailand
The delegation comprised of IT Directors and Managers from Thailand visited the Computer Centre as part of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Dynamic Tour 2011.
April 2011 Dr Arturo Lluisma University of Philippines Wants to find out more about Life Science and Bioinformatics related HPC resources and services at NUS.
February 2011 University of Malaya A delegation headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor visited Computer Centre to understand the IT infrastructure development.
January 2011 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) Visit on better understanding of the NUS’s implementation of the Cisco Telepresence System.
December 2010 Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) A delegation visited Computer Centre with objective of learning about the NUS IT Infrastructure, specifically the Network and System Administration of the campus.
November 2010 Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) A delegation comprising of academics and administrators visited Computer Centre to learn how ICT infrastructure and governance supported education, research and administration.
October 2010 Korea Education Network (KREN) The delegations of administrators, academics, and IT professionals from various educational institutions in Korea visited Computer Centre. The objectives of the visit included learning about the ICT architecture of NUS and also to explore collaborative opportunities.
August 2010 ASHREA Hong-Kong Chapter Students from various schools in Hong Kong who were part of the Singapore study tour visited Computer Centre to learn about the different IT facilities provided to the NUS Community.
June 2010 Delegation from administration of various regions, including Amursk, Primorsky and Magadan, etc. Technology enabled learning environment for higher education in Singapore.
May 2010 Ministry of Education & Training
Friendship University
Pham Van Dong University
Vinh University
Teaching Training College
International University Hong Bang
Hai Phong University
Polytechnic College
Economic University
National University
Thai Nguyen Teaching Training University
Hanoi Teaching Training University
Lac Hong University
Computer Centre delivered a presentation on “Application of Information Technology in Student Management” to a delegation from the Ministry of Education & Training, Vietnam
September 2008 Curtin University of Technology - Sarawak, Malaysia A delegation of 4, led by the Chairman, CEO, IT Manager and a Faculty member of Curtin visited Computer Centre on 19 Sept to understand how deploying technology has increased NUS' productivity, and how it impacts NUS staff and students. Topics discussed were, NUS Network Infrastructure, Operational Efficiency, Digital Content Management and the Central Online Registration System (CORS).
September 2008 Haramaya University, Ethiopia Computer Centre and CIT hosted Mr Mengistu Woldehanne on 18 Sept and the topics presented were NUS e-Campus, e-Learning and High Performance Computing. The program also included a short tour to IT Care call centre.
July 2008 Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi (RMUTSB), Thailand A delegation of 20 from RMUTSB visited NUS on 17 July and were jointly hosted by Central Library, CDTL, CIT and Computer Centre. The focused areas for this visit were e-learning and e-campus and the discussion concentrated on IT infrastructure & organization and management.
May 2008 National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, INDIA 4 Faculty members from NIT, Durgapur visited the department to gain information on office/campus automation. The areas of discussion during their visit were NUS' Corporate eServices and Student Life Cycle.
April 2008 King Saud University Prof Saied Darwish of King Saud University visited Computer Centre and CIT and was hosted by the two departments' Directors. He was presented with an overview of IT in NUS, including the integrated SAP system and IVLE. A short tour to the facilities in Computer Centre was also conducted.
February 2008 Waseda University, Japan 22 members from Waseda University Japan, and its international offices in China, Thailand, USA, Germany, and Digital Campus Consortium visited Computer Centre on 26 Feb. Hosted by Directors of Computer Centre & CIT, discussions included e-learning environment, IT infrastructure & governance, and application developments. Tours to various IT facilities were also conducted.
January 2008 Various Universities from Korea 17 members from the Korea Education Network visited Computer Centre on 21 Jan to get a better idea on how they should plan the development of the u-Campus at Seoul National University. Hosted by our Director, discussions included governance, planning, budget and application developments. Tours to various facilities were also conducted.
November 2007 University of Indonesia 3 delegates from the University of Indonesia were assigned to NUS on 30 November to learn/study the technical management of NUS Data Centre. Topics covered included; Student Life Cycle, Student Account Systems and a tour to the Data Centre.
September 2007 Chonnam National University This visit on 13 Sept comprised of 13 delegates from CNU, 3 from Quest Software and 1 from Microsoft, Korea. The purpose of the visit is to learn and gain practical ideas and better understanding of our IT system and its development strategy for NUS' education and research.
July 2007 Technical University of Eindhoven A group of 23 from the Technical University of Eindhoven visited the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering with the theme 'Co-design & Alliance Management: Designing Successful Collaboration by Merging Strength' on 31st July 2007. The team spent 45 minutes at Computer Centre where they were hosted by the Super Visualisation Unit on Grid Computing and CIT on e-Learning.
July 2007 Vinh University 12 delegates from Vinh University, Vietnam visited the Computer Centre on 25th July 2007. They wanted to learn from NUS' ICT infrastructure and organization - how to successfully apply ICT in management and other activities, innovation of education methods, and lab & practical systems for IT students. They were hosted by Computer Centre's Deputy Director and Managers from Networking, Super Visualisation Unit and CIT.
July 2007 Joint University Computer Centers A group of 36 delegates from Joint University Computer Centers (JUCC) visited our Data Centre on 18th July 2007. The JUCC comprise of the following Universities from Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lingnan University, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Open University of Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council Macau, and Macau University.
June 2007 University of KL The Head of ICT and Vice President of Operation and the Dean of Faculty IT from the University of KL visited Computer Centre on 15 June to learn how NUS ICT has been implemented in NUS. They were hosted by CC's Deputy Director and CIT's Director and presentations on Institutional IT Portfolio, NUS e-Learning Initiatives and CORS' were presented.
June 2007 Seoul National University Prof Myung-Soo Kim from Seoul National University visited Computer Centre and CIT on 22nd June for a brief tour and discussion on ICT implementation and IVLE. The possibilities of international collaboration in the development of IT structures on University campus were also discussed.
June 2007 Singapore Polytechnic A group of 5 staffs from Singapore Polytechnic visited NUS Computer Centre on 11th June to understand our experience in general management and approach to MIS and Database Management functions
June 2007 Mumbai University Dr. Dushyant Kothari, Professor of Physics and Head of IT for Mumbai University visited NUS Computer Centre on 11th June to understand how we have implemented SAP and how we have benefitted by SAP, and whether NUS is going in for any newer solutions of SAP.
April 2007 Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
Tomsk Interuniversity Center for Distance Education
Southern Federal University
Far East State National University
An eight member delegates from the Siberian and Far Eastern Russia visited Computer Centre on 20th April. The delegation is interested to know how the e-campus technology is being implemented at NUS. These universities received grants from the Russian government to develop IT and implement electronic tools into the education process. They are taking NUS as a great reference point for them and they hope that the visit would enable them to understand the concepts of e-campus and e-learning. They are also interested in developing international collaboration with other universities in the world.
April 2007 Fudan Universitiy Internet Center, China Prof Yan Hua from Fudan University visited NUS learn the principal of Computer Centre and distance-learning center of NUS, and the implementations of IPv4 or IPv6 and correlative technique. A discussion had also been run on the possibility of cooperation between NUS and Fudan in video applications based on IPv6.
February 2007 Don Bosco Technical College, Philippines Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) in the Philippines recently spun off its IT Center (ISTC) to become a separate entity that will now service the ICT requirements of all Don Bosco institutions within the country. 4 delegates from DBTC visited Computer Centre for a session on campus network, data centre, academic and corporate information systems, and technical support services.
February 2007 Taylor's College A session was arranged for delegates from Taylor's College where Computer Centre shared it's expertise and experience in ICT & physical security planning which include network infrastructure, management & security, operations and network integration. Delegates shared their vision to model their school after NUS.
December 2006 Saint's John University Four delegates from Saint's John University visited NUS Computer Centre for a study trip to observe the best practice in implementing CISCO technology and NetAcaP.

This study trip was proposed by Cisco Systems (Thailand) and Metro System (Thailand).
November 2006 Kingdom of Tonga
Independent State of Papaua New Guinea
Independent State of Samoa
Republic of Fujio Island
Republic of Palau
Republic of Marshell Island
Federated States of Microneasia
Solomon Island

A group of 13 foreign delegates who came to Singapore to attend a training programme on 'Effective Management of ICT Projects' (jointly offered by ISS and the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs), visited NUS to find out more about Computer Centre's IT infrastructure, network for staff and students, and the centre's IT initiatives for NUS.

Computer Centre was chosen to fit into part of the training programme that showcases the IT development of various organisations in Singapore.

November 2006 Korea University 12 teams of student research groups from Korea University (KU) visited NUS for a 2day research programme, interviewing staff and students on various areas.  Computer Centre hosted one group with their research on our ‘Course Online Registration Systems’ (CORS).  The students were also given a first hand experience with the on-line registration system.

November 2006 Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH), KOREA A group of 12 delegates accompanied by 2 translators, visited NUS to find out more about the NUS ERP system. They were welcomed by International Relations Office followed by an NUS ERP system presentation given by Computer centre.

September 2006 Chongqing Government College A group of chinese delegates visited NUS for a 4-day public administrative management program. Computer Centre met up with the delegation and shared knowledge on the trend of information management.

August 2006 China Visit by Shanghai Supercomputing Center A group of 23 delegates from the Shanghai Supercomputing Center ( visited Singapore on 10-11 August. The center provides computing power to most universities in Shanghai.. The objectives of their visit to NUS is to have a better understanding of NUS computer centre and supercomputer & visualization unit, such as the services provided, hardware and software management, staff strength, utility policy and so on.

July 2006 University of Hong Kong A Hong Kong delegate comprising of 3 management staff from the University of Hong Kong Computer Centre visited Computer Centre, Library and CIT for the study of Information Technology implementation by Computer Centre, Library and e-Learning development by CIT.
July 2006 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) A Korean delegate comprising of 7 Administration managers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) was hosted by IRO.  Computer Centre met up with the delegation and shared the Information Technology implementation in National University of Singapore, organization, manpower, budget, IT security implementation and development tools used.
July 2006 Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) and King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) A Thai delegate comprising committee members from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) and King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) was hosted by Computer Centre for the study of installation of wireless network in Thailand and Singapore Educational Institution.   The visit formed part of the agenda for the committee's feasibility study of the Wireless Network in University of Thailand project.
June 2006 Gadjah Mada University A Indonesian delegate comprising management and engineers from their Gamatechno unit which is responsible for Information System implementation and IT research visited Computer Centre for the study of application development and services based on smartcard technology.
April 2006 Thammasat University A Thai delegate comprising 33 academic faculty staff from the Division of Planning and Technology from Thammasat University was hosted by Computer Centre, including a visit to Library and Museum.  At Computer Centre, the visit was for the study of the University's Data Centre, Application Development and IT Infrastructure.
March 2006 Chung Ang University
Dankuk University
Hanyang University
Kunkook University
Sungkyunkwan University
Sogang University
Yonsei University
A Korean delegate comprising management officials, IT engineers and specialists from Korea University User Group (UUG) was hosted by Cisco Systems for the visit to Computer Centre and Centre for Instructional Technology for the study of the University's network infrastructure and its value-added IT services to the faculty and students.