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Blackberry & Window Mobile

The BlackBerry has gained popularity in business. Being email-on-the-go facilities you to keep in touch with your important business emails through its simplistic style in sending and receiving messages.

If you are NUS staff member whose role requires you to be on the move, either within or out of the campus, and/or to be contactable throughout the day and/or after normal business hours. The most effective communication means for this group of staff members is through the email, handphone and other corporate mobile devices such as Blackberry and Windows Mobile PDA.

Windows Mobile is a popular operating system commonly found in commercially available mobile phones today. You can quickly have it working with your Windows PC and also use it to access NUSmail and NUS Instant Messaging over the air, to stay in touch with the people in your life, no matter how they like to chat. Don’t miss another anniversary or birthday. Take your music to the gym. Stay entertained while you wait for your kids. Take the picture that would have slipped away. Get it all done with a Windows Mobile phone.

More information on MobileMail

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SMS@NUS is a short messaging service brought to you by NUS Computer Centre. Please refer to the guides below for instructions on how to use these services


Mobile Applications

In 2008, Computer Centre embarked on an effort to create mobile applications that can be used on the mobile phone. This effort is targeted for the general NUS Staff and Student population to enable access to services.
The aims of this effort are:

  • To provide a mobile extension, with a subset of functionalities, of existing web-based applications.
  • To enable access to services on-the-go.

The Mobile Portal hosting the current set of mobile applications is available at

iPhone and iPod Touch

In 2010, we launched a suite of mobile services for iPhone and iPod Touch users. This suite of services can be accessed via the Safari browser on the iphone only.

It is available at