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  1. To start the installation, simply click on this link to save the file onto a local hard disk drive or choose to run the file from that location.


  2. You will be greeted with the following menu. Click on Next to continue.

  3. Click I accept the license terms and then Next.

  4. The installation of Office Communicator 2007 R2 will start. Click Next to accept the default settings until the following screen.

  5. The installation is therefore complete. Invoke the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 from the Windows Start, All Programs menu.

  6. Enter your Sign-In name which is, then click on sign-in.

  7. Note: If you are already logged on to NUSNET, logging into the client will be automatic. However if you are not logged in to NUSNET or are connecting back to NUS via VPN or remote access, an additional step will be required for you to login. The detail is shown as follows.

  8. After you have successfully logged on, you should see the icons appearing at the system tray at the bottom right hand corner of your Window.

  9. Your installation is therefore complete!


  10. Do not be surprised if you see that all your contacts are offline at the very beginning. This is because they have to go through an approval process to allow you to see their online status. Similarly you may also have approvals to be made as soon as you haved logged in for the first time. Refer to the Privacy section below for more information.


You can start adding contacts to your Office Communicator via Tools -> Add a Contact...

Note that for each and every contact that you add into your contact list, he/she will receive a notification as below:


The added contact therefore has the option of allowing you to view his/her online status. Note that, however, he/she will not be prompted if he/she has already added you into his/her contact list.

Vice versa, if anyone tries to add you as his/her contact, you will not be prompted as above if you have added him/her as your contact before.


Note that encryption is enabled by default but is not applicable for video, audio & application sharing sessions; Encryption is only applicable for text messages.

Please also read the FAQ for some of the problems which you might encounter during the usage.