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For new Staff & Students

Are you new to NUS environment? If yes, you have definitely stepped into the right webpage. This page is especially furnished with information that any new NUS staff and students would find useful at any point of time.

1. Computer Account

Every staff and student is assigned a computer account (NUSNET ID) for the access to the University’s IT resources, including Internet, Email, software, network storage, digital library, computational resources and many applications developed for the support of teaching, learning, research and administration. The computer account has three components – UserID (User Name), Domain and Password. The domain for faculty and staff members is NUSSTF and for students, it is NUSSTU. You are strongly advised to change your password upon the first successful login.

2. NUSNET Logon

Your desktop computer will prompt for Windows logon upon bootup. Enter your UserID, Password and Domain as prompted.

3. Change Password

For Windows users, you can change your password by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL, select Change Password and follow the system prompts. For non-Windows users, you can visit Microsoft Outlook Web Access and select Change NUSNET Password.

4. Your Email

NUS Email can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). Your assigned computer by the department should be pre-installed with Outlook. Outlook provides advanced and easy-to-use functions such as Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and schedule meetings apart from Email. OWA provides convenient access to Email when are travelling or off-campus as it is Web-based. You can access OWA at. In the rare situation that you need to configure Outlook, please refer to the Microsoft Outlook configuration guide.

5. Your IP Telephone (for Staff Only)

The University has adopted a network-based telephony system (IP Telephony), connecting your office telephone to the campus network. You may contact your departmental telephony administrator for more details or access the official IP Telephony website for the overall telephony services and user guides.

6. Your Network Drive (HDrive)

NUS HDrive is a personal network drive, providing you a private storage centrally for access from your computers on campus or off campus.

7. Remote Access

Remote access to the campus IT resources such as application for leave, travel & research grant, tax return IR8A and performance appraisals, etc. require WebVPN (Virtual Private Network) for security reason. WebVPN provides end-to-end encryption for the data transmitted over the Internet from your computer to the University’s network.

8. Help

IT Care is the one-stop IT call centre for NUS.

Contact information to our support specialists