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Windows XP Quick Start Guide



Logging In

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del on the keyboard.

  2. In User name, enter your NUSNET Userid.

    In Password, enter your NUSNET password.

    In Log on to, select NUSSTF for staff, or NUSSTU for students.

    Click OK.
If you do not see Log on to, click Options >>


Logging Out

  1. Click Start > Log Off.

  2. Click Log Off when prompted.


Shutting Down the Computer

  1. Click Start > Shut Down.

  1. Select Shut Down and click OK.


Starting Web Browser or E-mail

  1. To start Internet Explorer, click Start > Internet.

    To start Microsoft Outlook, click Start > E-mail.


Starting Applications

  1. Click Start > All Programs.

  2. Click the application you want to run.

As you launch applications, the Start menu will contain shortcuts to programs you use most often you use most often. You can then more easily access your favourite programs.

  1. TIP
    To copy shortcuts to the desktop, first right-click on the application and click Copy.
    Right on the desktop and click Paste. The shortcut will be created on the desktop.


Installing Software from Web Shopping

  1. Using your Web Browser, go to

  2. Refer to the instructions on the web page to perform the software installation.


Connecting to Network Printers

  1. Click Start > All Programs > NUSNET-IV > NUSNET-IV Network Printer Selection.

  2. Select the network printer then click Connect.


Changing Passwords

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del on the keyboard.

  2. Click Change Password.

  1. In Old Password, type in your current password.

    In New Password and Confirm New Password, type in your new password.

    Click OK.


Getting Help

  1. Click Start > Help and Support.

  1. Select the topic or task you need.
You can also search for the topics using keywords.
  1. In the Search box enter your keyword.

  2. To display a search result, click on its hyperlink.
You can also request for context-sensitive help by pressing F1.

For example, if you are in Control Panel, you can press F1 to immediately display topics related to the Control Panel.


Using Remote Assistance

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Remote Assistance.

  1. Click Invite someone to help you.
  1. In Type an e-mail address, enter the email address of the person helping you.

    Click Invite this person.
The person helping you (the Expert) must also be using Windows XP.

For our Helpdesk officers to help you through Remote Assistance, enter as the e-mail address.

  1. Type in a brief description of your problem, as well as your contact number so that the Expert helping you can call you while the invitation is open.

    Click Continue >.

  1. Specify the duration that the invitation will remain open.

    In Type password and Confirm password, enter a password the Expert must use to connect to your computer.
Do not use your NUSNET password!

Because the password is not sent in the invitation, you must communicate the password to the Expert though phone or e-mail.

  1. Click Yes when the Expert connects to your computer.

  1. You can now chat with the Expert, or let the Expert take control of your computer to perform task on your behalf.
To regain control of the computer, simply press Esc or click Stop Control.

To end the session, click Disconnect or close the Remote Assistance window.