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Preparing Email for Holiday

If you are going for holiday, this is the perfect place for you. If you are worried about accessing your emails from overseas, informing your senders that you are away and preparing your mailbox for your trip, then this page is going to give you some handy tips.

Preparing your Mailbox before you leave

Do you always have bounced mails that you missed because of mailbox oversized when you went for holiday? There is actually few ways for you to tackle this issue :

check your mailbox quota before leaving your office to ensure you have enough space for your mails to come in during the holiday.

if your mailbox is nearly full, delete those you don't need or store them into your personal folders.

Telling your Email Senders that you are Away

Give your email senders a "warning" first that you are on holiday so that they will know when to expect your return. You can do this by applying an Out-of-Office Assistant in your Microsoft Outlook.

Accessing my Emails from Off-Campus

Outlook Web Access provides a quick mean for you to access to your emails when you are off-campus. It is based on a web interface just like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail mailbox that you can subscribed online. You simply need your userID and password and you are really to login to your mailbox!