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Application Systems Services

The Computer Centre of the National University of Singapore supports the University with IT application systems and eServices to improve student services, gain financial control, enhance operational efficiency, facilitate management decision making, and reduce costs.
To cater to the varied needs of the University community, we aim to deliver IT application systems services using the following approaches :

  • Development services - services that deliver customer-specific solutions to address unique business needs.
  • Adaptable custom solutions - solutions which leverage on existing application systems and infrastructure to meet departmental business requirements.
  • Support - maintain and enhance the computerized application systems and eServices.
  • Consultation - help on solutioning, project management, data integration with University data sources, and data management services.


The architecture of these services is based on an IT governance structure which focuses on employing key strategies to deliver better business value to our customers, including the capability to understand information needs and translate business functions into effective solutions built on various core technologies and supporting infrastructural services.

Some of the existing application systems and eServices supported by Computer Centre can be classified into the areas below.

Academic application systems and eServices

The student-related application systems cater to sub-areas of our student life cycle, from Admission to Commencement. These sub-areas are Admission, Module Registration, Enrolment to Overseas Programmes, Student Feedback, Student Progression, Financial Aid, Student Finance, Exam Administration, Assessment, Examination Processing, Graduation and Curriculum Planning.

  • Research application systems and eServices

The research-related application systems cater to research grant life cycle, from grant application to project completion. The process workflow for all research projects includes grant application, evaluation, approval, monitoring, project variations and completion. The output of university research indicators are captured through Staff Research Publication system and Faculty Achievement Report.

Administrative application systems and eServices

  • Personal Management

    The administrative application systems cater to individual staff and faculty members. These application systems include ePortfolio, update of particulars, ePayslip, Training and Leave Application, Travels and Claims, Car Park Lot Application and Performance Management.

  • Office Support

    The office related administrative application systems include Staff Administration, Student Affairs Administration, Financial Accounting, Asset Management, Procurement, Payroll Processing, Work Request, Facility Booking, Calendar of Events, eSurvey, Staff Suggestion, Accounts Management, Campus Directory, Quality Management, Health and Wellness and Alumni Support.

Technology and Platform

The eServices are all web-based developed mainly on SAP, Oracle, Java and .NET technologies. These n-tier enterprise application server environments are deployed on proper DTQP (development, testing, quality assurance, and production) architecture ensuring scalability and robustness of the platforms.
SAP is primarily used for majority of administration-related application systems and Oracle is primarily used for student-related application systems and some administration-related application systems.