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eduroam, or EDUcation ROAMing, is a WiFi (Wireless LAN) roaming arrangement among member institutions around the world. With eduroam, students and staff of a member institution, can make use of the credentials provided by their home institution to log on to the WiFi of another institution which is also a member of eduroam.

For more information about eduroam and the list of member institutions, please refer to

NUS Staff or Students Visiting other Institutions

Through the eduroam initiative, NUS staff, students or alumni  can connect to participating institutions’ WiFi network with their NUSNET ID, after going through a one-time configuration on the client device. Do take note that the username must be in the form of, with (or for alumni students) appended after your NUSNET ID. This may be different from your friendly email address.

For example, a NUS user might have NUSNET ID: cceabc, and a friendly email address  He/she would need to use instead of to log on to the eduroam service.

For details on device configuration, please refer to the NUS Wireless Network Configuration Guide available at NUS IT Care Get Help page. You may follow the eGuide exactly, except for the following steps:

  1. Replace the "NUS" Network Name or SSID in the eGuide with "eduroam". Note that it is case sensitive.
  2. Instead of supplying the Username in the form of "Domain\Username" (for e.g. NUSSTF\ccexxx), please use the format of "" (for e.g.

The configuration steps only need to be performed once on the client device. You can test the configuration by connecting to the eduroam service on NUS campus. For a faster and more seamless experience in using NUS IT services, you are advised to switch back to the normal "NUS" WiFi network after completing the test.

For Apple iOS (iPod touch/iPhone/iPad) users, please upgrade your device to the latest version of iOS should you encounter any difficulty connecting to SSID eduroam. Please try to join the network again if you are prompted with an error. If the error persists after a few tries, please click on "Forget this Network" on your current network profile and connect again to SSID eduroam.

If you encounter any problem in using the eduroam service locally or abroad, please feel free to contact NUS IT Care at or +65 65162080.

Visitors from other Institutions

For visitors from other eduroam participating institutions, you can connect to NUS WiFi service pervasively throughout the NUS campus using a compatible device with the standard eduroam client setup:

  1. The device should support IEEE 802.11 a/g/n standards (the slower 802.11b standard has been phased out in NUS).
  2. The device should be configured with WPA2-Enterprise authentication and AES data encryption.  The legacy WPA/TKIP configuration is not supported in NUS.

If you are not sure of the setup, please refer to your home institution technical assistance for help.

Summary of Technical Configurations Applicable:

  1. SSID: eduroam (case sensitive)
  2. Username: as advised by your home institution IT staff, typically in the form of Username@DomainName (e.g.
  3. Network authentication mode: WPA-2 Enterprise
  4. Data encryption: AES
  5. EAP type: PEAP (EAP-MSCHAP V2)