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With a nett floor area of 720m2 and a floor loading of 7.5kN/m2, NUS Data Centre hosts a total of more than 200 servers with 61 Terabytes of raw data storage as well as a core communication backbone with 24 Gigabits of aggregated bandwidth. The centre supports a myriad of IT services and applications like Internet, Email, e-Learning, wireless connectivity, video conferencing, student admission, course registration, student feedback, class timetabling, digital library, alumni portal, and many other human resource and financial related applications.

NUS Data Centre has the following services/equipment to provide a high level of service availability for the hosting of servers and various IT equipment:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System

Located within a protected room in our Data Centre are two industrial grade UPSes that provide at least half an hour of power to the Data Centre’s computer equipment and allows them to be gracefully shutdown during power failures. Together with specially designed transformers that smooth out noises and fluctuations, a constant and clean power source is achieved at all times.

Emergency Generator

Connected to one of the Data Centre’s UPSes is an emergency power generator that provides raw power should there be any interruptions in the main utility supply. Using diesel as an independent fuel source, the power generator is capable of supplying continuous raw power before the main utility supply is restored. There is sufficient diesel fuel that allows the generator to run continuously for 8 hours.

In addition, a separate generator is on standby to provide raw power to the air-conditioning systems of the Data Centre should the main supply fail. In this way, heat-sensitive equipment may continue to operate safely even during times of extended power failure.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) System

Incoming power to the server/equipment racks are supplied via a system of PDUs that are capable of providing redundant power to cater to servers/equipment of various power requirements. Each PDU is well-equipped to supply both single-phase and 3-phase power of several current ratings, and constantly monitors all its internal circuit breakers for power trips. Should any power trips occur, a loud audible siren and flashing strobe light will indicate the source of the fault. Thus, ensuring that even the most power hungry-equipment are well-taken care of.

Electrical System

The backbone of the main electrical system of our Data Centre is designed for growth, maintainability as well as redundancy. Power provisions can be configured on-the-fly without incurring downtimes for equipment/servers in the Data Centre.

Computer Room Air-conditioning (CRAC) System

Temperature and humidity within our Data Centre facility are controlled using a state-of-the-art system of 11 high-precision air-conditioning units that are internetworked using advanced hiromatic logic to achieve a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (+/- 1) and a relative humidity of 50% (+/- 5). Precision cooled air is distributed to the equipment via the access floor space through perforated floor panels and hot exhaust air is re-channeled back to the CRACs through a series of return-air ducts running above the ceiling boards.

Fire Protection System

In addition to the smoke detectors installed within the building, our Data Centre adopts the concept of multiple layer protection by strategically installing smoke sensors beneath raised floorings as well as on and above ceiling boards. This fail-safe fire protection system constantly monitors and detects smoke particles in all parts of the Data Centre and activates the fire suppression system should a fire occur.

Gas Suppression System

Our Data Centre utilizes the FM200 which is one of the most efficient fire extinguishing systems used in the world today. It is a fast-acting, clean and odorless gas that is non-hazardous to humans and does not damage sensitive equipment in the Data Centre.

Liquid Detection System

An extensive network of water detection cables are laid around our Data Centre perimeters as well as air-conditioning units to detect the presence of water and other fluids. This ensures that any source of water leakage can be accurately detected and located.

Environmental Monitoring System

A state-of-the-art environmental monitoring system ensures that all our critical M&E services in the Data Centre are constantly monitored 24-hours around the clock. This advanced system provides the Data Centre with fault and performance management capabilities that enabled us to proactively track the SLAs committed to our users. Key personnel and duty engineers are informed via SMS and email alerts when equipment fault occurs.


Extensive security measures have been put in place to ensure that our Data Centre is physically secured 24 hours around the clock. Access is controlled through an access control system that combined the use of a contactless smart card and a PIN. Video surveillance systems that can be remotely accessed are used throughout the vicinity of the Data Centre to record internal and external activities.