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Recognising the need to have a hot site to support or recover mission critical services in the event of disaster, disaster recovery management was discussed and adopted. The plan includes the setting up of a recovery site which provides an exact back-up copy of system files should a failure occur. The benefits are to provide non-stop services for continuance, reliable data recovery, remote real-time mirroring of data, high speed access to data and remote recovery from disaster.

Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC)

Disaster Recovery enables businesses to recover quickly and decisively from the unexpected. To ensure maximum data protection and availability of your IT infrastructure, a robust back-up, storage and workroom solution can help minimise downtime and restore operations.

A site was identified to support mission critical services when primary site is non-operational. The mission critical services served by DRC are:

  • Email Service
  • DNS Services
  • Corporate Database
  • SAP
  • Web Services
  • Web sites