• NUS improved Internet performance and access diversity further by establishing IPv4 peering with National LambdaRail (www.nlr.net) in Los Angeles, Google and Microsoft through Singapore Open Exchange (www.sox.net.sg) managed by Computer Centre.

  • Launched NUS Second Life, an innovative, highly immersive and creative-fused 3-D virtual campus of NUS. Setting new benchmark for education and enabling cross-border collaboration for academic instruction and learning, social simulation and interaction beyond physical proximity and one’s imagination.

  • Adoption of a virtualization platform for server consolidation after thorough technical evaluation and cost analysis for the objective of reducing server footprint on power and space, and preparation for faster service turnaround time for server provisioning and hosting.

  • NUS embarked on creation of shared program codes for LDAP Authentication, Email, Logging and Configuration Management for the objectives of saving development efforts and ensuring standard approach being used for common requirements in application development on campus.

  • Committed efforts from the Management and community on Defense in Depth Strategy through Process, People and Technology successfully created a safe computing environment for over 40,000 computer users on campus and won a prestigious award from The MIS Asia IT Excellence Award for Best Security Strategy.

  • NUS won the Most Visionary SAP Customer Award for 2008. Computer Centre has been actively participating in the SAP's Global Higher Education & Research Customer Council and User Group, sharing best practices with other universities around the world and influencing SAP's product development.