• Breakthrough in enterprise storage provisioning via a tiered architecture with an increase in 5-fold of storage space to a total of 358 TB and enablement of capacity-on-demand capability for the support of mission critical applications, institutional databases, Email, e-learning and research.

  • Entered into a 5-year multi-million dollars contract with IBM and National Computer Systems (NCS) for network, data centre and systems operations out-tasking, aiming to focus campus IT professionals on further project managerial and leadership skills development.

  • NUS LargeMail broke new ground through the innovative use of Information Life Cycle (ILM) management, offering one of the largest mailbox size of 10 GB and 1 GB to every faculty/staff members and students respectively.

  • NUS Computer Emergency Response Team (NUSCERT) became a member of the elite Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT), working collaboratively with the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) and various organizations and government agencies in the region for incident drill and response, and security management.

  • Commissioned the institutional-wide business warehousing system as an University strategy for integrated information repository for research, personnel, financial and student data for operational reporting, data analysis and management decisions.

  • TCG@NUS (Tera-scale Campus Grid at NUS) clinched the winning CIO Award 2006, beating more than 100 nominations from the public and private sectors in the region. The award further recognizes the cross-faculty efforts in harnessing idle computing cycles from existing desktop PCs on campus.

  • Established MobileVisLab (Mobile Visualization Laboratory), enabling collaborative modeling and visualization among multiple researchers in various locations and time zones, and pioneering a new way of performing scientific visualization on campus.

  • Mr. Kong Yen Teck - Manager, received the Commendation Medal award at Singapore's 41st National Day Celebrations in recognition of his dedicated service and contributions to the Nation and Community.

  • Launched a $4.7m Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) at NUS High School. Commissioned as a critical facility to enable NUS Business Continuity, the DRC is located off-campus with a separate power source to provide an alternate live data centre site for uninterrupted E-Learning and Online Community Applications to serve the NUS community in the event of a disaster.

  • Central Online Registration Systems (CORS) clinched the Mercury World Business Technology Optimization for Technology Innovation Award at the Mercury World Conference.

  • Access to examination results and commencement ceremonies for schedule and seating plan were made easy and convenient through SMS with authenticated identities and passwords.