• NUS established the first Internet Point of Presence (PoP) in Seattle, enabling a low latency and congestion free Internet transmission to and from the United States and the associated routing partners.

  • The first Grid computing system (PC Grid with 120 PCs) was developed. The combination of Grid and cluster implementation had further boosted the computing capacity by another 3 folds (593.80Gflops).

  • Computer Centre certified as a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response Security Teams), an established and renowned International consortium

  • Miss Yong Fong Lian - Manager, received one of the nation's prestigious honours, the Commendation Medal in recognition of her service and contributions to the Nation and Community.

  • Launched a unique Central Online Registration Systems (CORS), featuring an innovative process of online bidding for modules by students in a broad-based curriculum adopted by the University. The innovative system ensures fairness in module allocation and optimal use of teaching resources.

  • Successfully commissioned a campus-wide Examination and Class Timetable Schedule System, enabling optimal use of institutional resources and resulting in significant time savings in the scheduling of the timetable.