• The NUS Student Notebook Ownership Scheme was launched, aimed at providing every student a distinctive advantage to exploit the rich variety of University IT and educational resources for learning, communication and entertainment.

  • Launched the secured Plug-n-Play (SPnP) network with over 1,000 network access points installed in open areas for 7 * 24 hours authenticated access by the faculty and students.

  • A 16-CPU SGI Origin2000 server with state-of-the-art cc-NUMA architecture was installed for High Performance Computing.

  • Computer Centre launched the NUS Global Campus project - an initiative to enable NUS to fully exploit IT for teaching, learning, research, and administration.

  • Anytime Anywhere Learning was made available to facilitate staff the convenience of 24/7 round-the-clock self-help learning of IT software.

  • Computer Centre implemented the One-stop online registration of normal modules and cross-faculty modules on the web, together with CITA.

  • Established the first SingAREN (Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network) connection with Japan to APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) Exchange Point at 2 Mbps under APII (Asia Pacific Information Infrastructure) initiative.