• In recognition of its proactive Internet policy, NUS was chosen to host the first SunSITE (Software Information and Technology Exchange) in Southeast Asia.

  • NUS spearheaded the 'live' broadcast of Singapore's National Day Parade over the Internet, using experimental desktop videoconferencing Internet technology - MBone and CU-SeeMe.

  • Introduction of SLIP - a direct personal dialup service to Internet.

  • Technet Unit initiated, spearheaded and prototyped the Singapore InfoWeb, which was eventually launched as the InfoMap, Singapore's official World Wide Web server, the first national information server on the Internet.

  • With the conversion of the staff and student smart cards to CashCards, its use is now extended beyond the campus to nationwide payment of goods and services.

  • Adoption of a client/server computing strategy to facilitate the implementation of one-stop non-stop transaction processing systems.

  • NUS Exam Results now just a call away-NUS successfully piloted the use of phone-in system for students to retrieve their detailed examination results from anywhere in the world.