• Successful pilot in using Apple TV for wireless projection and presentation, allowing instructors and students to be engaged in lively discussion from any spot in the classroom without being constrained by wired cables.

  • NUS WiFi access was extended to 19 shuttle buses plying the campuses daily, enabling users to stay connected even on the move. This setup is part of the largest campus wireless network in Singapore with installation of 3,200 wireless access points across 3 campuses.

  • Successful pilot in Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) to avail SAS software to business students and the new Windows 8 operating system for staff to test drive. VDIs free users from the system requirements and hassle of installing the software on their own computers while providing access on demand.

  • Adoption of OpenID standard for NUSNET ID with first implementation on secure authentication for NUSLife, a social media platform developed by the School of Computing.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) capacity crossed the 100 Tflops mark with the addition of 16,000+ cores in GPU cluster. The expansion enables researchers to run larger simulations with faster turnaround time in the pursuit of research excellence.

  • Launch of Pay-Per-Use HPC Cloud Service allows researchers to gain immediate access to dedicated HPC resources within hours rather than months.

  • Launch of the Infocomm Security Dashboard, a real-time user interface that provides a high-level insight into the IT security posture in NUS.

  • Computer Centre won a Silver award at the Learning Institutions Quality Conference 2012 for streaming the onboarding process for new staff with automated and timely updates to staff records to eliminate paper form, reduce manual data entry and verification.

  • Computer Centre won a Silver award at the Learning Institutions Quality Conference 2012 for automation of contractors’ performance evaluation process with annual savings in excess of $700,000.