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When to Use Subscription-based Mailing (NUSgroups)

These are some scenarios which may help you choose between using subscription-based mailing (NUSgroups) or NUSmail mailing lists:

Subscription-based mailing (NUSgroups) should be used when

  1. Subscription-based mailing lists (or groups) are more suitable as the medium to disseminate information.

  2. Members are allowed to leave or join the group on their own without intervention from the owner or administrator.

  3. The sender need not receive notification for failure in delivery to any particular recipient.

  4. The owner would like to have more autonomy on how the group is being managed in terms of flexibility and frequency.

NUSmail should be used when

  1. The owner/administrator will add or remove members into the mailing list.

  2. Members are not allowed to leave the mailing list by themselves.

  3. Membership of the mailing lists does not change too frequently.

  4. Delivery receipt to individual members is required.