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NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble

  • NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble
  • NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble

Established in 1987, the NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble (IIE) celebrates the finesse of Indian classical music. This classical music is perhaps one of the world's oldest evolving traditions, passed down from generation to generation.

The Ensemble consists of five instrumental sections: Veena, Sitar, Violin, Percussions and Flute. IIE also has musicians proficient in the Keyboard and the Piano. IIE also assembles trained vocalists to add flair to the orchestra. The ensemble’s performances mark the confluence of Indian classical music’s diverse styles. IIE has recently added folk and light music to its repertoire to attract a wider audience.

A tight-knit group of students & alumni, IIE performs as a full orchestra and as smaller ensembles at venues such as the Concourse at Esplanade. Previous performances include Chudar – Shiva's Fire, featuring original compositions from critically acclaimed musician and composer, Mr. B.V. Balasai, The Singapore Story – collaboration with Grammy nominee Dr. L. Subramaniam, and Colonial Interlude directed by Kanniks Kannikeswaran. IIE stages two shows annually, each with a unique theme. This reflects the flair and experience of the Ensemble's composers and the talents of its budding musicians.

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