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NUS Indian Dance

  • NUS Indian Dance
  • NUS Indian Dance

One of NUS’s longest existing dance companies, NUS Indian Dance was established in 1977. Under the faithful guidance of its Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer, Santha Bhaskar, a pioneer in the Indian Cultural dance scene and a Cultural Medallion recipient, NUS Indian Dance mainly focuses on three different styles of Indian dance - bharathanatyam, kathak and Bollywood.

NUS Indian Dance is a closely knit group of highly committed dancers of different levels of ability ,who prides itself for its warm welcoming environment that allows dancers to grow and learn not only the Indian culture but encourages all to be a part of a dance family. Though rigorous often demanding training sessions aimed at maintaining high standards of performance, dancers not only hone their dance skills but develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and cultural identity through their exploration of contemporary themes and concepts in every production.

The group has performed at the 1997 ASEAN Universities Arts Festivals held in Brunei, and has appeared at several official university events, cultural exchange events, and international conferences. The group also won the Tan Ean Kiam Arts Awards 2011 for the Best Event for the last installment of the three part production of Anweshana: The search for Nalanda. In 2012, members of the group performed with renowned choreographer Raka Maitra, for The Hungry Stones at NUS Arts Festival 2012 and in NUS Arts Festival 2014, they collaborated with NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble to present Chudar – Shiva's Fire which featured music from prominent Indian composer BV Balasai.

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