Straits Chinese Collection

Pink jardinieres with pedestal
Late 19th century
Pedestal: 54.5 x 27.8cm
Plant holder: 22.6 x 27cm

Peranakan porcelain ware
Late 19th century
1) Famile rose pink ground kumcheng and cover, 21.8 x 23.8cm
2) Pair of famille rose pink ground vase, 25.7 x 10.9cm
3) Famille rose lavender ground 'in and out' chupu and cover, 15 x 12.5cm
4) Famille rose turquoise ground wine warmer with cover, 13 x 10cm
5) Pair of famille rose peacock-green ground teacup, 3.5 x 6.5cm

Embroidered Ladies' wedding slippers
1940 - 50s
Silver thread, textile
23 x 8.5cm

Embroidered Men's Wedding Slippers
silver thread and faceted glass bead, textile
28 x 10.5cm

Beadwork table cover
Glass beads, textile
55.5 x

Tok wee cloth
Gold thread, textile
96 x 104cm

Portrait of Tan Keow
Ink on paper
129 x 101cm

Portrait of Wee Boon Teck
Ink on paper
114.5 x  83.5cm

Ancestral Altar Shrine (Kom)
19th century
115.2 x 103.8 x 57.9cm

Brown & gold cupboard
Late 19th – early 20th century
204 x 140.4 x 57.8cm

Chairs & side table
Late 19th century
Blackwood, marble, mother of pearl
Chairs: 102 x 67.4 x 54.4cm
Side table: 80.5 x 41.5 x 41.5cm

Red & gold altar table lantern
Late 19th century
Wood, glass
63 x 30 x 30cm

Pak Yee
Late 19th century
Wood, lacquer

Late 19th century
Wood, lacquer
49.5 x 35.4cm

Red glass epergne
Late 19th century
Glass, metal

Bakul bunga
Late 19th century
67 x 15cm

Architectural feature - Wood panel carving
Late 19th century
Wood, gold leaf

Architectural feature - phoenix and peony applique
Late 19th century

Architectural feature - Dado Wall
Late 19th century

Architectural feature - Arch above main gate
Late 19th century
Wrought metal



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