School Programmes


Guided tours
Guided tours of 45 minutes are conducted by the museum's docents or staff. To select an exhibition complementary to your learning objectives, click here to visit our exhibition page.
2. Aided-learning tours
Using a worksheet, students focus on selected aspects of an exhibition. Our museum's docents or staff will walk students through the gallery and help them review the work. Each tour is 45 minutes.


Download Sculpting Life: The Ng Eng Teng Collection Worksheet.
Click here.

Download Conservation Corridor Worksheet.
Click here.

Download Ways of Seeing Chinese Art Worksheets.
Click here.
Click here for Chinese version (中文翻译)



3. Customised workshops and tours
Customised art workshops and seminars on setting up exhibitions can be arranged. Customised guided tours based on themes suited to your curriculum are also available.
Note: Customised workshops and tours are offered at a fee and upon availability of specialists.
4. Non-guided visits
Educators meet with museum's staff for a pre-visit discussion on how an exhibition may be used as a learning resource. Following the discussion, the educator plans and conducts the programme himself/herself.


For guided and aided-learning tours, please submit your requests at least 2 weeks in advance. There is a charge of $20/- per group per tour (maximum 20 persons per group).


Request for updates on Education Programmes, Exhibitions and Events at | Tel: 6516 8817  | Fax No: 6778-3738

Guided Tour Booking Request
If you are interested in making a trip to the Museum, please email

Planning Your Students' Museum Visit

  • Selecting an exhibition To find out more about our exhibitions, go to here
  • Selecting the type of program The available programs are listed on this page.
  • Museum Location and Opening Hours Go to here


  • Planning for the trip

    Discuss with our education officers the objectives of your trip. This may help you to decide the type of program to select for your students.

    Understand how the program that you have selected will be conducted and brief your students.

    For guided tours, the maximum recommended group size is 20. Once the student to guide ratio becomes too large, some students tend to lose interest and wander off.

    Plan to be at the museum for about one hour.

    Complete the booking form and submit to the education officer.

Click here for form in Word format
Click here for form in Acrobat format 

  • Briefing your students before the trip

  • Refrain from touching the artworks. Dirt, oil and moisture from our hands can hasten the process of deterioration for art pieces. The pieces may also be accidentally damaged by objects like rings or finger nails.

    No running, pushing and playing in the galleries as these actions put the exhibits at risk

    Avoid using the wall panels, showcases or exhibits as backing for writing notes. If students require a hard surface for writing, please ask the guide for clip-boards.

    Speak softly in the galleries to allow other visitors to enjoy the exhibitions.

    No food and drinks in the galleries.

  • After the trip

  • Please complete the feedback form and submit to us. Your input helps towards further customization and improvement of our programs.

Click here for feedback form in Word format
Click here for feedback form in Acrobat format  

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