BEHALF|Body Tradition × Chen Wu-Kang

Wed 20 Mar | 6:30pm & 8:45pm Dance Atelier 2 $15

120 minutes

Limited to 20 participants per session. Please dress comfortably for this masterclass.

Event closed

In this contemporary dance masterclass, Wu-Kang would like to initiate a historical journey through sculptures with the participants individually and collectively. By observation, demonstration and embodiment, ideas and thoughts of each one’s body tradition would be explored, revealed and shared.

Chen Wu-Kang 陳武康

Chen Wu-Kang 陳武康

Wu-Kang was born and raised in Taiwan, he began studying dance at the age of twelve and graduated from the Taiwan University of Arts. In 2001, Wu-Kang danced with Feld’s Ballet Tech and Peridance, he became the soloist the next year and started his long-term collaboration with choreographer Eliot Feld. He was also the guest dancer in Diamond Project of New York City Ballet in 2006.

In 2004, he co-founded HORSE Dance Theatre as an artistic director, and some of his significant works include Velocity (2007), Bones (2008), and 2 Men (2012) which toured in Asia, US and Europe. He started to collaborate with artists in different fields in 2011 such as Exhibition X Performance Successor (2011) sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation, site-specific work Slow dancing in the fast lane (2015) commissioned by Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan, and curated Dance X Sounds seasonal improvisation platform Primal Chaos since 2016. His recent works include One dance, one dances, one danced (2017) in the Mixed Programs presented by the National Theatre, Taiwan.

In 2016, he began an intercultural/dance dialogue and an intimate exchange of physical, emotional and philosophical experiences with Thai choreographer Pichet Klunchun. They presented Body Tradition in 2016-2017, later on officially renamed BEHALF (2018). Meanwhile, they also work on a three-year project “An expedition to the embodiment of Ramayana” of “Performing Arts Abroad” by the National Culture and Arts Foundation.