Introducing the Quantum Music Project

Andrew Garner, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Quantum Technologies

Thu 16 Feb | 7.30 pm | NUS Museum | Free with registration


The Quantum Music Project is an international collaboration between physicists, professional pianists and composers, alongside musicologists and sound engineers. By bringing quantum physics principles into music and sound design, the project aims to produce novel experiences and share fundamental scientific insights through the medium of sound. Dr Andrew Garner (Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS) will explain the origins of the Quantum Music Project, and introduce new experimental instruments developed during the project, as a sneak preview for the upcoming performances featuring the acclaimed pianists LP Duo at the Festival.

The Quantum Music project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
The performances at the Festival on 21 and 22 March will be its Asian Premiere.

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