InTempo 2017: Rise of the Transhuman

NUS Wind Symphony

Creative Partner: Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Sun 19 Mar | 8pm | UCC Hall | $27, Students: $19



Transhumanism is the ideology of enhancing human intellectual, physical and psychological capacities through advanced technology. NUS Wind Symphony explores the implications of the development of transhumans and their impact on human life through music by modern composers such as Steven Bryant, David Maslanka and Daisuke Shimizu.

Electronic music seamlessly weaved into traditional wind band music in Steven Bryant's Ecstatic Waters is used as a musical metaphor of how peace in humanity can be achieved through transhuman technologies that create a collective subconscious. Traveler by David Maslanka suggests that in the future, human consciousness may be transferred or uploaded into a collective memory, allowing one to essentially'travel forward through time' by having perpetual life.

The NUS Wind Symphony will also premiere a special commissioned work by emerging Japanese composer Daisuke Shimizu.

Photo: Kinetic Expressions Photography

Creative Partner

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