CFA Music Groups

Fri 6 Feb | 11.30am | University Town
Wed 11 Feb | 7.20pm | UCC Theatre Foyer
Fri 20 Mar | 7.20pm | UCC Centre Foyer
Sat 21 & Fri 27 Mar | 7.20pm | Alice Lee Plaza

Free Admission

This event has been cancelled.
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NUS Centre For the Arts proudly presents Poeme Symphonique for 110 Metronomes. Originally written in 1962 for 100 metronomes by Hungarian composer Gy├Ârgy Ligeti, 110 represents not only the number of years that NUS has been in existence but symbolizes the different streams of influence which intertwine and form the unities of time, place and action in the present.

Wound to their maximum extent and set to different speeds, the metronomes are released almost simultaneously. Initially chaotic, like the sound of hail on rooftops, what emerges are rhythmic patterns and as the metronomes begin to wind down one after the other, individual metronomes become more distinguished till the performance ends with one metronome ticking alone. Visually, it will look like a field of grass, each blade stirred by the wind at different paces.

Poeme Symphonique for 110 Metronomes will be performed by student musicians representing the 11 music groups in NUS Centre For the Arts.

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