CFA Dance Groups

Sun 29 Mar | 8pm | UCC Hall

$22 & $19

1 hour 45 minutes
(15 minutes interval)

This event has been cancelled.
Please click here for more details.

Taking inspiration from Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise, artistic directors of 6 dance groups under NUS Centre For the Arts celebrate the triumph of the human spirit in the face of great challenges in the final performance of the festival. American-born Angelou whose passing in 2014 was universally mourned was a notable poet, actress, dancer and activist whose views on poverty, feminism and racism were catalytic in motivating change for good.

Showcasing our multicultural heritage through modern and traditional dance interpretations, CFA artistic directors Ms Ding Hong, Mr Fan Dong Kai, Mr Osman Abdul Hamid, Mr Patrick Loo, Mrs Santha Bhaskar and Mr Zaini Mohamad Tahir and the combined talents of NUS Chinese Dance, NUS Dance Synergy, NUS Ilsa Tari, NUS Dance Blast!, NUS Indian Dance and NUS Dance Ensemble express their response to Angelou’s poem through movement with live music in a fusion of contemporary dance styles and ethnic dance influences in NUS’ biggest dance extravaganza on campus.

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