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About the Artist

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Jeremiah Choy

An NUS graduate and trained lawyer, Jeremiah went full-time to pursue theatre, writing and choregraphy in 1997. As an actor, he has done major works and toured with TheatreWorks in many local and international productions from 1988 to 2008. In 2002, he directed the critically acclaimed Machine for TheatreWorks, and won a nomination for Best Director in the 2002 DBS Life! Theatre Awards.

Jeremiah is currently the Artistic Curator of Play Den Productions, a joint venture between Orangedot Management and The Arts House to create Singapore theatre pieces that are representative of Singapore but with a universal and global appeal.

He has co-directed the critically acclaimed Emily of Emerald Hill for the Singapore Arts Festival 2010 and directed and co-wrote the musical DragonTales in Manila that same year.

For his contributions to the arts industry and his alma mater, Jeremiah was recipient of the inaugural Outstanding Alumni Award 2010 in recognition of his achievements toward Kent Ridge Hall, National University of Singapore and the larger local community.

More recently, he was the Production Associate for The Flight of the Jade Bird for the Singapore Arts Festival 2012.

One with an avid sense of preserving heritage and culture, Jeremiah is also the Creative Director for Regenerating Communities, a project that draws upon Singapore’s rich cultural heritage to revitalise Empress Place and its cultural identities.



About the Talents

Alexander Yuen

Alexander holds a second upper honours degree in Psychology and is an NUS alumni turned fulltime and award-winning magician who goes beyond the deception in magic to elicit amazement. He is versatile with different genres of magic and illusions and incorporates his knowledge of the human mind with techniques in magic to produce the feeling of amazement. Because of his eloquence, charm and ability to engage and interact with high profile guests, Alexander is highly sought after by top corporations. With more than 10 years of experience in magic, Alexander is frequently engaged for customized projects that requires creativity and indepth knowledge of magic. He creates plots and scripts to exemplify key messages via magic.

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Jiahui Cai
Clown/ Unicyclist

Currently a video-game designer, Jiahui graduated from the School of Computing in NUS in 2006, during which she honed her juggling skills, got acquainted with the local unicycling scene and consequently learnt to reject the stable, predictable lifestyle of the average city dweller. Since then, she has unicycled the hills of Mongolia, got blown away, wheel and all, by the winds in Wellington and played with a teenage German unicycle hockey team (if only for a few games and badly at that). These days, she can be found with the Singapore Unicyclists on their unicycle hockey nights or on one of their regular rides about town.

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Stephanie Phang

A year four Sociology major from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in her last semester, Stephanie only began singing in her junior college's choir as a mezzo-soprano. It was her involvement with various musical groups in school such as the Kent Ridge Hall Rockers (KRockers) and the NUS Jazz Band that sparked off her journey and growth as a performer - acting and singing, even dancing for prominent school concerts/events (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Awards Night 2010, NUS/FASS open-houses, Dramafest and Rockfest), hall productions and competitions (TalentQuest 2010 Band Category winner, Stardust 2011 Solo Category finalist). An avid shower singer who cites her musical influences to be Michael Jackson, Adele, Disney and Broadway musicals, she is currently freelancing as a show choir performer under Glee Studios Singapore.



Jay Che
Circus Artist
Founder, Circus in Motion

Jay is the founder of Circus in Motion, a contemporary circus arts company that offers social circus workshop. He holds a degree in social work has worked as a youth social worker prior to setting up his company. Seeing that children and youth often do not have freedom to express themselves, he set up Circus in Motion to provide them a place to apply their creativity and to express themselves. To date, the company has worked with more than 3000 under privileged children and youths from residential homes, special needs schools, Normal(Technical) Stream students and other under privileged communities overseas in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

• About Circus in Motion



Prasanthi Ram
Singer/ Composer

Prasanthi is a 22 year old, English Literature major fresh out of an NUS overseas exchange programme. Words have always been her “weapon of choice”, as her major reflects. It has allowed her to express herself as an introverted young girl. Encouraged by her parents to join the performing arts, she now has a passion for performing, especially drama and Indian dance. Performing has became a common thread that has seen her through school and she believes that performers have an important duty to inspire others, which she finds empowering. Often on the look out to learn new things, she recently learned to play the acoustic guitar, write and compose songs, thus discovering another mode of expression.



Goh Huai Zhi
Singer/ Poet

Huai Zhi’s affinity for choral singing started when he joined the Victoria School choir at age 13. He has since sung in awardwinning choirs like the Victoria Junior College Choir and The NUSChoir, and served in various executive roles.

Huai Zhi is the founding member and president of The Graduate Singers, an affiliate of The NUSChoir that aims to provide a platform for choral singing for graduating members, and a member of Equivox, an award winning a cappella group. A speech therapist at a local hospital, he helps children and the elderly in their communication and swallowing difficulties.



Louis Quek
Guest Sound Artist

Louis Quek is a Sound Artist based in Singapore. Currently pursuing a (BA) Hons in Music Technology at LASALLE‘s School of Contemporary Music with Goldsmith University (UK), he started his journey as a DJ/ turntablist.

Louis has now evolved to being a sound artist and electronic musician. His research lies mainly in the impact of music and sounds on the human brain. He uses the concepts of granular synthesis and pulsar synthesis (in which sound is observed as a particle in a microsecond timescale) in his sound compositions, in aim to stimulate and experiment with authentic aural perceptions.

Louis has been involved with film, theatre and dance as a sound designer, composing soundscapes and music based on the directors‘ and choreographers‘ concepts. He has been chosen as a sound artist and sound designer of The Swing Thing, the closing performance for the NUS Arts Fest 2013. He will be performing live as a part of the performance.

Louis strives to push the boundaries of music sonically and hope that his compositions can be performed on an international platform. His self-titled debut EP 'Intriguant' to be released early 2013 gathers original compositions and various collaborations with musicians.