Laetitia Monbec


Contact Information

Telephone: 6516 3868
Office: CELC #03-02 (10 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117511)

Academic Qualifications

  • Current candidate: Doctorate in Education , Open University, United Kingdom. Thesis title: Transfer from EAP to Disciplinary modules
  • MEd Tech, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • LTCL Dip TESOL, Trinity College London, UK
  • BA (Chinese Language, Literature and Civilisation), University of Bordeaux, France

Modules/Courses Taught

I coordinate the ES1103 (English for Academic Purposes) module

Previous semesters:

  • ES1102 module co-ordinator
  • ES1541 English Communication through Popular Science
  • SP1203 Foundation in Effective Communication for Pharmacy Students

Research Interests

  • English for academic purposes (EAP)
  • Systemic functional linguistics (SFL), in particular in the EAP classroom
  • Legitimation Code Theory
  • Curriculum design and materials development
  • Disciplinary discourse analysis

I am currently working towards a doctoral degree, researching learning transfer from EAP to the disciplinary module.

Seminars & Conferences

  • Monbec, L. (2017). Knowledge-building and academic literacy: Using Legitimation Code Theory for Curriculum Design. Colloquium presented at The Symposium on Academic Writing, Reading & Thinking, 29 Sept 2017, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Monbec, L. (2017). Designing an EAP curriculum to promote transfer. Paper presented at the CAES International Conference, 1-3 June 2017. Hong Kong University, Hong Kong.
  • Monbec, L. (2017). Enabling cumulative learning in an EAP module. Paper presented at the Second Legitimation Code Theory Conference (LCTC2), 3-7 July, LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Sydney.
  • Monbec, L. (2016). Enabling cumulative learning from an English for Academic Purposes module to the discipline through an SFL/Genre and Legitimation Code Theory approach. Paper presented at the 43rd ISFC (International Systemic Functional Congress), 19th -23rd July, 2016. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia.
  • Monbec, L (2016). A Systemic Functional Linguistics/Genre approach to English for Academic Purposes. Paper presented at the 4th CELC Symposium, 25-27 May, 2016, National University of Singapore.
  • Bruce, E. and Monbec, L. (2013). Developing Reading and Writing Skills through the Assessment of Summary Writing. Paper presented at the 48th RELC International Seminar. 18-20th March. RELC, Singapore.
  • Bruce, E. and Monbec, L. (2012). Empowering students: Academic Literacy through Text Analysis. Paper presented at the Academic English Symposium: 'Research into Practice in the Four-year Curriculum'. 1 June 2012. Centre for Academic English Studies, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong.
  • Monbec, L. and Sek, I. (2011). Sentence Analysis for Reading and Writing. Paper presented at the Language Centre Staff Development Seminars. 10 October 2011. Baptist University, Hong Kong.
  • Monbec, L. and Sek, I. (2011).Better Readers, Better Writers through Unpacking Sentences. Paper presented at the ELC Symposium: ‘Developing students as readers and writers in the four-year curriculum: the role of the English Language Centres’. 1 June 2011. English Language Centre, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.


  • Monbec, L. (2018). Designing an EAP curriculum for Transfer: a focus on knowledge. Journal Of Academic Language And Learning, 12(2).
  • Cowley-Haselden, S., & Monbec, L. (accepted for publication). Emancipating ourselves from mental slavery: Affording knowledge in our practice. In BALEAP 2017 Conference Proceedings.