SP2171 - Discovering Science (Embedded)


The SP2171 (Discovering Science) module provides a series of classes to  introduce students to the skill sets of communication, modelling and computational skills. These skill sets are the core requirement for the integrated science curriculum. Students undertake a study of scientific literature of their chosen topic, with the goal of coming up with a focused research direction based on the gaps in the literature. Students will read this module over two semester in their first year.


The module aims to help students:

  1. develop skill sets in reading, understanding and critically analysing a scientific article
  2. synthesise and critically evaluate scientific literature relevant to a topic of interest
  3. develop relevant skills for analyzing  the results and conclusion from research articles
  4. integrate relevant theory and scientific evidence in a logical way and draw appropriate conclusions
  5. develop effective science communication skills to articulate scientific literature to a wide audience via presentations and journal paper writing