Information & Registration

For more information about the Qualifying English Test (QET) and how to register for it click here.

What is the QET?

The QET is an English Language test set by the Centre for English Language Communication. It must be taken by students who do not possess the necessary English Language qualifications when they enter the university.

The purposes of the QET are to:

  • determine which students will benefit from the Basic English Course (ES1000) before proceeding to the English for Academic Purposes course (ES1102),
  • determine which students will benefit from the English for Academic Purposes course (ES1102) and
  • identify which students may be exempted from taking either of the above-mentioned courses.

Preparation for the QET

Though there is no specific recommended preparation for the QET, students should ensure that they are familiar with the format of the QET. Students need to show that they can use English accurately to write an academic text. Some of the general features of good academic writing include:

  • coherence - the ideas/arguments are logical and well connected
  • clarity - the language is unambiguous
  • conciseness - the language is precise
  • cohesiveness -  the language is fluent and well linked
  • correctness - the language is grammatical and appropriate
  • completeness - the information presented has scope and depth and provides sufficient support for the claims made
  • citations - the rules of academic referencing are properly used

Students should note that the University reserves the right to study students’ QET essays for research purposes.

What do the QET results mean?

  • Students who obtain Band 1 will have to take ES1000 followed by ES1102.
  • Students who obtain Band 2 will have to take ES1102.
  • Students who obtain Band 3 are exempted from these English modules.

Students required to do ES1000 or ES1102 will participate in the CORS bidding exercise and BID for their respective modules from Round 1A onwards.

Points from the P account will be used to bid for the modules. The points will be fully refunded at the beginning of the following semester upon successful completion of the module.

The standard dropping policy applies to these modules.

IMPORTANT: Students are strongly advised to complete the required module(s) as soon as possible.