ES1102 - English for Academic Purposes


This module is offered to undergraduate students who need to further develop their writing skills in preparation for fulfilling the reading and writing requirements of their academic courses. Students who obtain a 'Band 2' result in the Qualifying English Test are required to take ES1102.

This module is taught over 1 semester with 2 two-hour sectional teachings per week.

This English for Academic Purposes module is aimed at further developing students' language skills in the following areas: academic text comprehension, synthesis and integration of information into their essays, organisation/structure of writing assignments, academic integrity, and accurate use of grammar in context.


By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate their understanding of text structure and authorial intended meaning;
  • explore reading strategies, including those in their first language, which can be effectively used to access the meaning of texts;
  • extend concepts from reading for organisation to their writing;
  • analyse and interpret essay prompts and examination questions;
  • develop a thesis, offer evidence, recognise others’ views, and learn to write with authority;
  • practise academic integrity by appropriately using in-text citations and references; and
  • provide meaningful explanations of grammatical rules for correcting grammatical inaccuracies in various texts.


  • Continuous Assessment 70%
  • Final Examination 30%


1. Students should have sat for the Qualifying English Test and obtained a ‘Band 2’ result or, if they obtained a ‘Band 1’ result, they must pass ES1000, Basic English, before registering for ES1102.

2. Only students who matriculated in AY2015/2016 and before are allowed to take ES1102.


AR1000, BE1000, ID1000, ET1000, NK1001, EA1101, EG1471, EM1101, ES1101, ES1103, ES1301

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