ES1000 - Basic English Course


This is a required module for students whose Qualifying English Test results show that they would benefit from basic English language skills support. Students in the course must pass this module before they are allowed to read the next required English module, English for Academic Purposes (ES1102/ES1103). The purpose of ES1000 is to improve the students' English language skills in reading, writing and grammar. These skills are taught, reviewed and reinforced through online, in-class and appropriate out-of-class activities. Assignments include reflections, written assignments and progress tests.

This module is taught over 1 semester with a two-hour online lecture/discussion/quiz and a two-hour sectional teaching per week.


By the end of the module the students should:

  • Be able to read with better understanding
  • Be able to write coherent paragraphs
  • Understand and use basic English grammar correctly
  • Be able to identify and correct a limited set of grammar errors in written texts
  • Have an improved academic vocabulary
  • Acquire some independent learning skills for further language learning as they learn at their own pace and work with their classmates collaboratively through online platforms as well as face-to-face tutorials.


ES1000 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


Students should have sat for the Qualifying English Test, and obtained a ‘Band 1’ result.



Modular Credits