ES2331 - Communicating Engineering


The course ES2331: Communicating Engineering was born of the felt need by the National University of Singapore to develop among students 'able communicators' who at the same time have a holistic and humane view of engineering. Through the course, students are expected to work towards becoming critical decision makers, creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and responsible professionals. Communicating Engineering, which focuses on developing audience-centred oral communication skills, complements the existing ES1531 (Critical Thinking and Writing) module. In the course, students are given opportunities to critically analyze communicative texts and events as well as perform effective and ethical communication practices in various situations.

This course aims to help students communicate competently and ethically in various oral communication situations relevant to engineering practice. This will be done through analyses of communicative texts and events, as well as applications of effective communication principles. In the process, the course also helps develop students' ability to communicate engineering practice to diverse audiences.

This module is taught over 1 semester with 2 two-hour sectional teachings per week.


At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of communication as a complex process with ethical and cultural dimensions;
  • demonstrate adaptive and affective competence in various oral communication situations;
  • use thought, language, and action competently in various oral communication situations; and
  • use thought, language, and action ethically in various oral communication situations.


ES2331 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


If students are required to take ES1000 Foundation Academic English, and/or ES1102/ES1103 English for Academic Purposes, they must complete those modules before taking this course.


ES1501%, ES1601, UTown students from cohort AY2014/15 and before should not be allowed to bid for the module.

Modular Credits