ES1601 - Professional and Academic Communication


This module aims to enable students to communicate and write in two main contexts - industry/workplace and academic. It is twinned with GEQ1917 Understanding and Critiquing Sustainability and is read over two semesters. Therefore, the teaching/learning of targeted communication and writing skills are drawn upon the requirements, tasks, assignments, and projects of GEQ1917. By situating communication in different contexts, students learn to shape, articulate and express their ideas, thoughts and messages depending on the audience, purpose, media and platform.

This module is taught over 2 semesters with 1 two-hour tutorial per week.


This module will enhance students' spoken and written communication skills in the following contexts:

Workplace/industry-related communication

  • understand the basic principles, language, concepts and skills of professional communication
  • recognize nuances in organizational, interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • appreciate and apply these principles and concepts appropriate to address a variety of audiences depending on workplace situations, platforms and media

Academic-related communication

  • be familiar with and apply the language, rhetoric and general conventions of academic writing and oral presentation
  • develop critical reflection skills namely analysing, evaluating and responding critically to issues and ideas
  • develop clarity and coherence in the articulation and expression of thoughts and perspectives


ES1601 is a 100% Continuous Assessment module.


ES1000 and/or ES1102/ES1103 (if required)


GEQ1917 Understanding and Critiquing Sustainability


CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professional, IS2101 Business and Technical Communication, ES2331 Communicating Engineering, ES2002 Business Communication, ES2007S & ES2007D Professional Communication, ES1541/SP1541 Exploring Science Communication through Popular Science, ES1501%

Modular Credits