Teaching Award Winners

This page lists recipients of this year's Teaching Awards - for Outstanding Educator Award (OEA), the Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA), and the ATEA Honour Roll.

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The Outstanding Educator Awards for the year 2019 were awarded at the University Awards held on 28 May 2019. Recipients who excelled in teaching, each received a cash award and a teaching grant which is intended to enable the award winner to engage in activities that will support and enhance his/her role as an educator and contribute to teaching/learning at NUS.

NGA Min En

Dept of Pathology
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Hans TAN

Division of Industrial Design
School of Design and Environment

For highlights of the winners, winners' video and more, visit the University Awards website.

Past OEA Winners


The Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) is awarded to faculty members who have displayed a high level of commitment to their teaching for the year under review. Faculty members who have won the award three times (since AY 03/04) will be placed on the Honour Roll to honour their sustained high performance in teaching.

The faculty members below were placed on the Honour Roll and will receive their award and certificate at the ATEA Ceremony cum OEA Public Lectures in 2020.

  1. Daniel Adam FRIESS, Dept of Geography, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  2. Doreen KUM, Dept of Marketing, NUS Business School
  3. LEK Hsiang Hui, Dept of Information Systems & Analytics, School of Computing
  4. LOW Sui Pheng. Dept of Building, School of Design & Environment
  5. WONG Khei Mie, Grace, Dept of Real Estate, School of Design & Environment
  6. CHIAN Siau Chen, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
  7. WONG Siew Yin, Eleanor, Faculty of Law
  8. CHNG Shu Sin, Dept of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
  9. CHAN Taw Kuei, Dept of Physics, Faculty of Science
  10. TAN Yuen Ling, Lynette, Residential College 4; Centre for English Language Communication

Please note:
Colleagues who have been placed on the ATEA Honour Roll will not be eligible for the ATEA for the next 5 years. The above faculty members can be nominated for ATEA in August 2025 for their work done in AY 2024-2025. They will however be eligible for the OEA.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  1. ZHOU Ziqian, Jan, Centre for English Language Communication
  2. CHAN Kwang Guan, Daniel, Centre for Language Studies
  3. Leslie LEE, Dept of English Language & Literature
  4. LOON Seong Yun, Robin, Dept of English Language & Literature
  5. Graham John WOLFE, Dept of English Language & Literature
  6. Daniel Adam FRIESS, Dept of Geography
  7. William Ward BAIN, Dept of Political Science
  8. LEE Li Neng, Dept of Psychology
  9. WONG Yuh Ju, Peace, Dept of Social Work


NUS Business School

  1. LIU Qizhang, Dept of Analytics & Operations
  2. Doreen KUM, Dept of Marketing


School of Computing

  1. Steven HALIM, Dept of Computing
  2. LEK Hsiang Hui, Dept of Information Systems & Analytics


School of Design and Environment

  1. ZHANG Ye, Dept of Architecture
  2. GOH Yang Miang, Dept of Building
  3. LOW Sui Pheng, Dept of Building
  4. WONG Khei Mie, Grace, Dept of Real Estate


Faculty of Engineering

  1. Mrinal Kanti MUSIB, Dept of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Suraj VASUDEVAN, Dept of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  3. CHIAN Siau Chen, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  4. KUANG Sze Chiang, Kevin, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  5. CHUA Dingjuan, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  6. Rajesh Chandrasekhara PANICKER, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  7. Sangit SASIDHAR, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  8. TAN Swee Ching, Dept of Materials Science & Engineering


Faculty of Law

  1. TAN Zhi Peng, Benny
  2. WONG Siew Yin, Eleanor


Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

  1. Namrata CHINDARKAR 


Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

  1. Shefaly SHOREY, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies
  2. LONG Yun Chau, Dept of Biochemistry


Faculty of Science

  1. WU Jinlu, Dept of Biological Sciences
  2. CHNG Shu Sin, Dept of Chemistry
  3. CHONG Yuan Yi, Dept of Chemistry
  4. TAN Ban Pin, Dept of Mathematics
  5. CHAN Chun Yong, Eric, Dept of Pharmacy
  6. LEE Yu-Chia, Joyce, Dept of Pharmacy
  7. YAU Wai Ping, Dept of Pharmacy
  8. CHAN Taw Kuei, Dept of Physics
  9. WANG Qinghai, Dept of Physics
  10. Vikneswaran s/o Gopal, Dept of Statistics & Applied Probability


University Scholars Programme

  1. Barbara Therese RYAN


Residential Colleges

  1. TAN Yuen Ling, Lynette, Centre for English Language Communication
  2. TOH Tai Chong, College of Alice & Peter Tan


Centre for English Language Communication

  1. Daron Benjamin LOO
  2. Laetitia MONBEC
  3. Chitra SABAPATHY


Past ATEA Winners