Nomination & Selection Process

Nomination Process

For details on the nomination for the Teaching Awards, please visit Staff Portal > Education > Teaching Awards > Nomination.

Selection Process

Listed below is an overview of the selection process:


For more details and to access the forms, guidelines or procedures, please visit Staff Portal > Education > Teaching Awards: An Overview.

Selection Committees

The committees involved in the selection of Outstanding Educator Awards/Annual Teaching Excellence Awards are:

Faculty Teaching Excellence Committee (FTEC)

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
A/P Loy Hui Chieh (Chairperson)
A/P Lim Wee Hun, Stephen
Dr Gilbert Yeoh
A/P Chris McMorran
Mrs Chen Ing Ru 

School of Business
A/P Chu Chun-Lin, Singfat (Chairperson)
A/P Chen Renbao
A/P Marleen Dieleman
A/P Charles Shi
A/P Ashok Charan
Ms Usa Skulkerewathana

School of Computing
A/P Yu Hai Feng (Chairperson)
Dr Lek Hsiang Hui
Dr Sharon Tan Swee Ling
A/P Hugh Anderson
Dr Zhou Lifeng

Faculty of Dentistry
A/P Wong Mun Loke (Chairperson)
A/P Tan Kai Soo 
A/P Lim Lum Peng 
Dr Betty Mok
School of Design & Environment
Prof Joseph Ooi (Chairperson)
A/P Lilian Chee
A/P Christian Gilles Boucharenc
A/P Alice Christudason
Prof Wong Nyuk Hien

Faculty of Engineering
Prof Dipti Srinivasan (Chairperson)
Dr Lim Wee Chuan, Eldin
Prof Seah Kar Heng
A/P Daniel John Blackwood
A/P Chin Hoong Chor

Faculty of Law
Prof David Tan (Chairperson)
Asst Prof Swati Jhaveri
Prof Simon Chesterman
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
A/P Vu Minh Khuong (Chairperson)
Prof Danny Quah (ex officio)
A/P Suzaina Bte Abdul Kadir
A/P Alfred Wu
Asst Prof Tan Joo Jie-Sheng
Asst Prof Marina Kaneti
Asst Prof Erin Kim Hye Won

Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine & Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health
Dr Dujeepa D Samarasekera (Chairperson)
Prof Matthew Gwee
Prof Lee Eng Hin
A/P Koh Dow Rhoon
Prof Bay Boon Huat
A/P Wong Mee Lian
A/P Chen Fun Gee
Prof Hooi Shing Chuan
A/P Raymond Seet Chee Seong

Faculty of Science
Prof Goh Say Song (Chairperson)
A/P Darren Yeo
A/P Kuldip Singh
A/P Fan Wai Yip
A/P Chan Lai Wah
Prof Lee Soo Teck
A/P Lim Tiong Wee

Centre for English Language Communication
Ms Lee Gek Ling (Chairperson)
Dr Zhou Ziqian
Dr Misty Cook

University Scholars Programme
A/P Kang Hway Chuan(Chairperson)
A/P Kuldip Singh
A/P Low Boon Chuan

Residential Colleges 
A/P Laksh Samavedham (Chairperson)
A/P Seow Teck Keong
Dr Pang Tze Lin, Kelvin
Dr Bellam Sreenivasulu
Mr N Sivasothi

University Teaching Excellence Committee (UTEC)

Prof Ho Teck Hua, Senior Deputy President and Provost – Chair of UTEC 
Prof Phoon Kok Kwang, Vice-Provost (Academic Personnel) 
Prof Bernard Tan, Senior Vice-Provost (Undergraduate Education) 
A/P Chng Huang Hoon, Assoc Provost (Undergraduate Education) 
Prof Farooq Shamsuzzaman (Faculty of Engineering)
A/P Damith Chatura Rajapakse (School of Computing)
A/P Kelvin Foong Weng Chiong (Faculty of Dentistry)
A/P Suzaina Bte Abdul Kadir (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)
A/P Hans Tan (School of Design & Environment)
Asst Prof Susan Ang (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)
A/P Johan Geertsema Director, CDTL


Date specified by respective FTECs Submission of Teaching Portfolios to FTEC;

Eligible faculty nominees will submit their teaching portfolios to their respective FTECs via the Teaching Awards submission portal;

Please note that nominees are responsible to gather the relevant documentation and compile a complete and coherent teaching portfolio. 
21 October 2019 Submission of FTEC reports for selected ATEA and OEA nominees (with all relevant documentation, completed nomination forms, etc.) to UTEC c/o CDTL
October/November 2019 Evaluation of nominees’ teaching portfolios by UTEC
November 2019Interview of shortlisted OEA nominees by UTEC
December 2019 – Jan 2020UTEC deliberates and finalises reports for Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost
February 2020Approval of ATEA & OEA shortlist by Office of the Senior Deputy President and Provost

Approval of OEA shortlist by the President
April/May 2020 (tentative)University Awards Ceremony 2020
November 2020 (tentative)Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) Ceremony and Outstanding Educator Award (OEA) Public Lectures 2020