Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops (Special Term, Academic Year 2019-2020)

CDTL runs a range of seminars and workshops to support teaching and learning. This page lists the Centre's seminars and workshops by topic and provides more details for each session. 

You can also check out this page for a chronological listing of seminars and workshops offered by CDTL in this semester.


Managing Online Learning using LumiNUS

LumiNUS is the new learning management system at NUS that has replaced IVLE. It is designed to facilitate and supplement teaching and thereby, promote student learning. A comprehensive introduction to LumiNUS, this hands-on workshop will enable you to create and manage a module with emphasis on the commonly used tools like the Learning Flow and Files. It will also cover a brief overview of the other tools available within LumiNUS.

This workshop will also discuss on how you can use LUMINUS to implement the 7 principles of effective teaching (Chickering & Gamson, 1987; 1991) as well as how LUMINUS supports in the implementation of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles (CAST, 2011).

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

Facilitating Effective Online Discussions using LumiNUS

Online discussions are a great way of extending classroom discussions and learning by getting students to engage with course materials and readings. A discussion forum is one of the most frequently used learning technology tools that supports online discussion. It is an alternative form of communication to in-class, verbal discussion – whether simply to provide variety in the subject, to meet the different needs and preferences of individuals, or to allow students time to reflect on the debate and consider their response before contributing. Forums allow for time-delayed communication and asynchronous learning – anytime, anywhere. In this hands-on workshop, we will focus on the use of Forum tool in LumiNUS, the new learning management system at NUS.

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

Designing Online Assessments using LumiNUS

Assessment is a crucial element in enhancing the overall quality of teaching and learning in higher education. What and how students learn depends to a major extent on how they think they will be assessed (Biggs & Tang, 2007). This workshop focuses on the creation and use of assessment and quizzing materials for your courses using LumiNUS, the new learning management system at NUS. Participants will discover how online assessment is valuable and how using these tools can create a dynamic learning environment.

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.


Online Teaching & Learning

Microsoft Teams for Teaching Online

Looking to teach your classes online? Come join us on a webinar on using Microsoft Teams for teaching online and for online meetings.  

Microsoft Teams is a unified digital workspace that enables real-time collaboration between you and students through conversations, file sharing and video meetings. This session targeted specifically for NUS teaching staff will get you started on: 

  • setting up your classes  

  • managing communication and collaboration for your classes  

  • conducting live video lectures, tutorials or meetings  

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

Recording Online Lectures with Panopto

Are you looking to create video lectures for your blended learning courses and flipped classroom sessions? Panopto is an easy-to-use platform for lecture capture and video content management that allows you to store and manage all your new and existing videos, including lectures, flipped classroom recordings, guest presentations, and live webcasts. It is integrated both into IVLE and LumiNUS platforms and it allows you to easily record and publish presentations online.

In this hands-on session, you will start creating presentation by applying the principles of multimedia design. You will then learn how to capture audio, webcam video, PowerPoints, and desktop screens, and be able to record narrated PowerPoints and tutorials.

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

Zoom for Online Teaching

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that allows you and your students to communicate and collaborate in real time. It includes several features that have the potential to increase student engagement, such as file sharing, screen mark up, screen sharing, chat and breakout rooms. These allow for teacher-student and student-student communication, sharing and interacting with learning resources, viewing presentations and working in groups.

This workshop will be conducted in a webinar format, using Zoom, where we will share with you how you can easily setup an online session with your students and the features you can use to create your own online teaching session.

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

Open Conversation: Move to Online Learning

What have we learnt from remote teaching this past semester? A recent blog entitled "Move to online learning:12 key ideas", Dave Cormier describes what he has learnt and distills this into 12 valuable key concepts. In this open conversation, we will discuss these points and also reflect on our own experiences.

Please refer to this page for details about the course structure.

For further information, please contact:

Adrian LEE
Deputy Director, CDTL